Metal Assault Controls

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key-escape: Toggle Menu
Close open interfaces / Open System Menu.
key-1: Hotkey 1
Activates your first Hotkey. Default: Rifle
key-space: Jump / Ladder Slide
Jump only works inside a game. You cannot jump in HERZ.
key-w: Move Up
Combine with A or D to move up ramps and stairs.
key-a:Move Left
Press the key twice to roll to the left.
key-s: Lay Prone / Crawl
Combine with A or D to crawl.
key-d: Move Right
Press the key twice to roll to the left.
key-i: Inventory
Open your character inventory (HERZ City) .
key-enter: Submit Chat
Send text typed in Chat Input.
key-y: Friend List
Open your friend list to add, remove, or block other players.
key-m: Minimap
Toggles Minimap in HERZ City.
key-print-screen: Screenshot
Take a screenshot that is automatically saved to your game folder.
key-l: Open License Window
View your current Licenses (HERZ City).
key-k: Open Skills Window
View your current skills (HERZ City).
key-o: Open Company Window
View information about your current Company (HERZ City).
key-t:Open Quest Log
View current quest objectives and progress (HERZ City).
key-u: Character Info
View character information.
key-r: Reload
Reload your currently equipped weapon.
key-v: Item Mall
Open the item mall interface.
key-delete: Suicide
Kills your character (Game).
key-z: Capture
Take control of an enemy base.
key-e: Hotkey Quick-Key
Quick key for Hotkey 0.
key-q: Hotkey Quick-Key
Quick key for Hotkey 0.
key-f: Enter/Exit Vehicle
Enter or Exit a vehicle (Game).
key-2: Hotkey 2
Default: Sniper Rifle.
key-3: Hotkey 3
Default: Shotgun.
key-4: Hotkey 4
Default: Bazooka.
key-5: Hotkey 5
Default: Pistol.
key-6: Hotkey 6
Default: Mine.
key-7: Hotkey 7
Default: Water Bottle.
key-8: Hotkey 8
Default: First Aid Kit.
key-9: Hotkey 9
Default: Heal.
key-0: Hotkey 0
Default: Dash.
key-backspace: Kick Vote
Ask for a Kick Vote against another player.
key-apostrophe: Toggle Names
Remove Names from UI.
key-minus: Toggle UI
Remove the user interface.

Movement Commands

WASD movement: Your basic character movement controls.

Roll to the left or right (bullet/bomb dodge).

Move up a ramp or stairs when there is an option for up or down.

Climb ladders and move up a ramp/stairs when there is an option for up or down.

Drop through "open" ground to the next level below. Can also be used to slide down ladders.

Custom Player Taunts

A fast way to talk trash

The game has default auto-messages assigned to the F1-F12 keys. The default settings are game-related: attack, cover me, etc. However, you can edit these (just keep it within the rules!) to make your battle screams a little more personal.

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