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About Karma


Karma is the one and whole ...

The continent on which the game is played is ridden with an extremely powerful essence known as Karma.
Karma is best described as the uniting force of the Continent. Through Karma nothing is separate¡¦
A factional war on the Continent has been raging for many years now. Each faction fights for the power to rule the entire width and breadth of the land. However, the power to rule the Continent can only be acquired when all 108 of its pieces have been reunited. Long ago, Karma was shattered into 108 separate pieces and spread across the Continent to prevent total domination by any one faction. The individual Karmas disguised themselves as animals, weapons,
boxes, etc. Even a worthless trinket had the potential to be a powerful Karma in disguise. When all 108 Karmas are gathered together they combine to form a single, infinitely powerful Karma.

Of the 108 Karmas there exists a single Karma that has the power to summon all 107 other Karmas to it.
We call this Karma ?d.o?.
The name of the most powerful Karma on the continent, ?d.o? has also become the name of this game.
When Karma is shattered into pieces and spread about the land, the Age of the Continent finally comes to an end.
It is here that the history of modern China begins.
As time goes by, Karma drifts out of China and into the many corners of the globe. One of these Karmas shows up in a China Town in 20th century San Francisco.

The Karma found in San Francisco had taken the shape of a small box with the word ?Karma? carved into the top.
When a boy finds this box he is sucked inside. Because of this little boy?s discovery, The Age of the Continent reappears. Only one Karma had the power to bring the Age of the Continent back from our clouded history...
The Karma that the young boy found was, indeed, the Karma we call ?d.o?.
Karma is something of a subplot in ?d.o?, which gives the gamer the impression that there is a mini-game within the massive MMORPG of ?The Empire of Martial Heroes?.
Many more elements of Karma are made available when your character advances.
This is a key factor in enabling users to have a multitude of new experiences and a great deal of fun without ever having to find themselves sitting alone, in one place, fighting stupid random encounters for hours on end.
d.o?s character development is so in-depth and extensive that the true colors of your character will not emerge until much later in game-play.
This adds incentive and will keep you interested for as long as you choose to play. Isn?t it terrible when you lose interest in a game after playing for only a few hours?
In d.o you will always find yourself coming back for more.

The descendants of the Continent hold their memories close and live in quiet agony.
Karma haunts their spirits and when d.o is finally activated the descendants of the world of Karma are absorbed into the realm from which their ancestors came.

You will now enter Karma as a risk-taker - a bold adventurer of the rarest quality.
It will be up to you to become what you were born to be.
Will you fight for peace and justice, abiding by the orders of Lawful Faction?s honest leaders?
Will you follow the path of chaos, allowing the universe to define itself just as the great leaders of Chaotic Faction once did?
Or will your heart be overcome by hatred and the selfish desire to become the most powerful ruler in all the universe?
If this be the case, Evil Faction is awaiting your arrival. Whatever path you choose Karma will forever remain the one and the whole.
Karma possesses, within itself, a single united view of the world.

In ordinary online games a single map may take anywhere from a week to a few months to complete.
However in ?d.o?, the world unfolds itself in units of Karma rather than maps.
In any given map there can exist many Karmas.
As you explore further, you may come upon an area that will deliver a wholly different impression than any location you?ve ever come across before.

Karma is a world of oriental chivalry, but is not limited to any one plane of reality.
There are planes in Karma where two moons appear in the sky, planes where night forever blankets the land, and even planes that can only be entered and exited by way of secret passages.
Sadly, uneasiness between the factions is ever-increasing in Karma. Will you know what to do when the time comes?
Will you be strong enough to do what it takes?

Only time will tell. Immerse yourself in ?The Empire of Martial Heroes? and experience a world without equal.

System Requirement

Minimum Requirements
Recommended Requirements
Pentium 3 500MHz or better
Pentium 4 1GHz or better
Higher than 256MB
Higher than 512MB
Graphic Card
Higher than graphic ram 32MB
Higher than graphic ram 64MB
- 32M graphic card of Intel and S3 savage series may occur lag while playing. When this currently happens, you must check your option term to all low or download updated version of the graphic card. Recommend Geforce or Radeon series graphic cards.

- Download : DSL/Cable/Lan or faster

- Game play : 33.6k or higher modem with an internet connection


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