Maestia Game System

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Game System


Maestone is the most crucial part of Maestia. Maestone is a small piece of "Ia" who was destroyed by Kelledus, and each holds a special power of her.

Anyone who has a Maestone will gain certain ability. It is a skill item that can be worn or put away anytime during the game.

Maestones have crucial differences from skills of other RPG games.

- Skill item with God's power or human spirit sealed in
- Maestone extends class's skill-tree to a large extent.
- Especially, strategic skills similar to those in RTS games are implemented (like those in Blizzard's Starcraft)
- Equipping, replacing, or combining in slots at any time according to the their purpose
- Skills can be upgraded using Maestone Enchantment system.
- Maestones can be traded among players.
- Most Maestones can be used by both factions without restriction. But, several Maestones are very specific to each faction.

Common Maestones :
Maestones for Superion Guardian :
Maestones for Temple Knight :

Without knowledge on Maestone, you may enjoy the game.

But you can have a more happy and exciting day in Maestia world if you can use Maestone well.


2. Skills and Tree

Maestia provides predefined a class-specific skill tree for each class. You can choose one of several paths in the skill tree. Before selecting the line in the tree, you must learn skills with the skill books sold in Skill merchant in the city.

Whenever the character's level gets higher, skill points will be given to the users to distribute within the skill tree. This will enable you to create your very own character.

Maestone described before is designed to provide the high degree of freedom to this system, which extends your limit on skills to a large extent.

Each character in Maestia has a unique set of job skills.

Whenever the character's level gets higher users will be given to the users to distribute within the skill tree. This will enable you to create your very own character.


3. Divine Points

Maestia has two game currencies: 'Gold' and 'Divine points'.

Divine points can be gained by hunting, PvP, and RvR. These points are essential to acquiring rare items.


4. Enchant (Combination of Maestones)

In order to make your character stronger than others, you must increase the power of weapons and armors, even the power of skills in Maestones. You can achieve this goal through the Infinite Enchantment system of Maestia.

-  Equip Item Enchantment
-  Item can be upgraded up to 15-level. Especially each enchanted item above level 10 will increase all of skill levels by 1
-  But, items can be broken while enchanting.
-  Enchanted weapons become bigger and gorgeous, and enchanted armors' look is changed with different material effects  
-  Enchantment Transfer
-  Item's level of upgrade can be transferred to other high grade items
-  Don't hesitate try to enchant low level items. You can get more powerful high level item directly with highly enchanted low level items.
-  Maestone Enchantment
-  Upgrade the skill level of Maestones with three same Maestones.

How to Enchant a Weapon

 How to Enchant a Maestone

How to Transfer Enchantment

Enchantment Transfer

Enchanting armor, weapons, and Maestones is essential to create a powerful character.


5. Quest

Completing quests is the easiest way to level up, get money and skill books, earn equipments, and more. It is best to spend the majority of your time focusing on quests if you want to level up and become more powerful.

Almost thousands of interesting quests are waiting for you. By completing the quests requested by NPCs and exploring the Maestia world, you will give yourself on the Maestia's stories quickly.

There are two kinds of quest in Maestia. The first is scenario quests comprised of "Seven Key Quest" and "Kelledus Quest". The second is "Map Quest" where all the scenarios are based on the location.

-  A "!" above an NPC's head means he or she has a quest for you now.
-  A "?" above an NPC's head means he or she is expecting you to return to them with completed items for a quest, or news about a quest's completion.
-  A "oooo" above an NPC's head means you are making progress in his or her quests.

6. The Four Elements

There are four elemental energy in Maestia: ice, fire, poison, and lightning. These can be added to the weapon.

Ice decreases movement speed, poison will add continuous damage, fire will add to attack force, and lightning will enable the weapon to attack larger areas.

Plan your skill tree and combine Maestone with the elements to create my own special character.

Be careful! Monsters in fields may also use these energies when attacking you, and even can have immunity to some elements. So you should carefully choose which energy you will use to hunt monsters.


7. Player versus Player (PvP/RvR/GvG)

In most of the zones in Maestia, PK (player kill) is prohibited by the power of a God "Ia". But there are some zones where the power of Ia is not reached and always is covered by darkness, where PK can be done and monsters are stronger and more violent. These zones are called "Irima" area.

You can get more rare items, more golds and even divine points in these zones.

In addition to Irima area, you can freely enjoy the PvP in Battleground, periodic RvR and Guild war. In these battles, you can get more rewards such as XP, divine points, and rare items designed for PK without any penalties such as loss of XP and wearing items.

Try out a player versus player battle for a new taste of excitement.

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