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Game Intro

Maestia is an online role-playing game implementing an amazing and exciting fantasy world. You are endowed with the destiny of heroes in Maestia world to kill the Evil One and rebuild the holy world of a God. While playing your role in Maestia, you will explore adventure and quest across a vast world. Maestia is a "Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game" which allows thousands of players to interact within the same world. Whether adventuring together in groups or fighting against each other in various battle fields, you will make friends, construct your own factions, and compete with others for power and glory.
Maestia enables you to experience not only very fast level up and easy game play, but also strategic play with various kinds of skills and spells not seen in other games.

The followings are some of features found in Maestia. 

- Four playable classes (Warrior, Ranger, Wizard, and Priest) and male/female in each class, two factions (Superion and Temple Knight)
- Thousands of quests to give you vast rewards
- Hybrid skill system providing thousands of skills and spells: Skill tree and Maestones
- Infinite upgrade of equipments by enchantment and its transfer system
- Item crafting system: recipe and collecting materials
- Community system: various chat system, party, buddy list, and guild
- Various kinds of PvP: 100 vs 100 Battles, small scale battle arena, Guild battles, and PK in Irima area.
- Extensive and fascinating storyline

Among these features, ‘Maestone’ holding sacred power of a God is the real heart of Maestia. Maestone is a wearable skill item and so gives the degree of freedom to the traditional skill system such as skill book and tree to a great extent. Collect Maestones by completing quests, crafting with recipes, purchasing from merchants and hunting monsters in dungeons and use them in more strategic situations such as hard-mode dungeons or PvP battles with your friends. The existence of Maestones will make a big difference on your battle situation. With strategic collection of Maestones, become a great hero in the Maestia world.

1. With friends...

- The harmony and battle between two powerful organizations.
-  All I need is myself and a friend playing the game to defeat even the gods.

2. The power that will protect me!

 - Dynamic battles
- Dynamic and powerful skill system
- Exciting battle support with unique occupation skills
- Powerful and dynamic battles by using sacred items as well as character skills
- Collect special sacred items and become more powerful than your friends

3. For easy game play

- Auction House (Proxy Sales), Personal Store, Simple and Easy-to-Use UI
- No more difficult games. Play the game easily with a convenient system  

4. Make more friends in the game. My friends are my strength!

- Multiple channel system. Easy management of friends list
- The game is made easy to play and yet exciting through the maximization of the relationship with friends



* Superion Guardians

They accept the death of the goddess, and believe that humans must rule the world. The purpose of their existence is to kill Kelledus in order to save the world and protect the people of Superion. They believe in the unlimited potential of humans, and they strive to restore peace based on strong will and belief in the human race.

They believe that the order of the world is maintained not by the will of just one individual, but everyone's desire.



* Temple Knights

They believe that peace can be maintained only after the resurrection of Ia. The purpose of their existence is to kill Kelledus and resurrect Ia in the Sanctuary of Life in the Heaven. It's because Ia will restore her godly power, and make the world a harmonious and peaceful place once again. That's why the Temple Knights try to be noble in their actions based on respect for the goddess, and focus on improving themselves as a true warrior

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