Maestia Classes

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Warriors have taken their physical battle skills to the extreme through rigorous training. Armed with heavy armors and a wide range of weapons, they usually draw first blood in battles. Their powerfully built body and sharp swords are the deadliest factor in any battlefield.


They're swift and covert in their movement. Their advanced sword fighting and archery skills make them the master of ambush. They attack from a distance by using a bow, or sneak into their enemy's camp to inflict damage with their daggers. Their battle method is more than enough to make anyone suffer.


They have the skill to use the worldly elements in the name of magic based on ancient wisdom. Although weak in physical attributes, a wizard's magic skills are always respected by others.


Priests are noble-minded and dignified, and they have the miraculous skills called Healing and Resurrection. They use their Healing and Resurrection skills in the middle of a fierce battlefield, and their skills are more powerful than any weapon or magic.

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