Maestia Background

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The world was created by a will. The will to create a world! That strong will became the Goddess of Life, 'Ia'. Ia continued to create and maintain order, but was alienated from the creatures and things that form the world. The worldly beings were in order, and they no longer needed gods.  

"Loneliness, solitude, solitary…"

Those are the feelings experienced by 'Ia', the origin of the world. A new life was born from her loneliness. That was a human! It was a creature born from loneliness, and the first intellectual being. Humans began to recognize the existence of gods, and prayed to the unknown and yet supernatural being that maintained order in the world with sincere desire.

Then there came an outstanding human who was superior his fellow humans. People called him 'Kelledus'. He was a prophet and the king of humans. Kelledus tried to lead other humans with the will of 'Ia' that he inherited, but then he gradually wanted more power. 'Ia' was living in the Island of Heaven, and Kelledus became the first human to set his foot in the continent of gods.


It was the beginning of all chaos.

When Kelledus landed on the Island of Heaven, 'Ia' gave him the power of death to rule over the world. However, 'Kelledus' was still not satisfied with the godly power he possessed, and he wanted more power. His desire for a greater power soon turned to an ambition, and he ended up harming the Goddess of Life 'Ia'.


It was the saddest day in the world!

After being attacked by Kelledus, the Goddess of Life 'Ia' fell to the ground from the Island of Heaven. While she was falling, she emitted tens of thousands of rays of light. They were called the sacred items, and the incident was the birth of warriors who could use godly power.

Do you want to follow the will of the goddess and fight for the resurrection of the goddess?

Or do you want to fight for the creation of a peaceful and stable world for humans?


Maestia is made of fifteen field maps and eight instant dungeons. Each map has its own amazing story.


Delphi is where Kelledus was born and raised. The temples of the city are well developed with the influence of Kelledus a very talented prophet. There were three holy places in Delphi. It was where Ia gave his blessings as well as where Kelledus got his wisdom. It is said Kelledus built a holy memorial to commemorate Ia's blessing soon afterwards.


Pectus was once a field full of various medicinal plants. Anything that grows in the prairie had Ia's blessing so the plants had the tinge of the god's spirit. When Kelledus walked pass the field he decided to teach people how to use the plants as medicine. That is why many people from Delphi and Papyrus visit Pectus to this day.


Papyrus was a rich prairie with a river flowing across. All kinds of fruit and grain grew there. It soon became an ideal settling ground for humans with great temples like Delphi.

Kelledus started to teach the people of Papyrus about god's will. They were less aware than Delphi residents but showed far more enthusiasm. They built huge buildings to express their dedication. The god's were afraid of Papyrus not Delphi after Maestia. The simple people learned very quickly. In order to destroy Papyrus Kelledus placed a vicious monster, Root Beard, in the deep quarters of the temple. The root monster Root Beard was a powerful monster that can consume even the god's blessing. It turned Papyrus into a dry desert over night turning it into what it is today.


Yotunheim is a port city located near the sea. When Kelledus passed through Yotunheim the residents made a living off pirating. They did not know that their toughness was a blessing from god. Rough at nature the people of Yotunheim did not welcome the outsider Kelledus at first, but his teachings came through. They started to protect humans from wild beasts by training and cooperating following his teachings. Knowing the bravery of the Yotunheim warriors Kelledus made sure the city was destroyed.


Lipido was originally called the field of justice. When Kelledus learned about justice he went up the highest hill to give thanks to the god. Ia spread justice throughout the land through Kelledus' heart. In unison with his heart the land spread the teaching to the people who visit.

When Kelledus' heart was filled with desire after Maestia so did the field of justice.


The swamp used to be the brook of belief. The rain would wet the land and Ia would visit the brook to take care of the worldly affairs. Many spirits sang praises about the beauties of the green land while tending to the god. Ia happened to be resting here when Kelledus was passing by.

The two had a conversation. Curious about the world Kelledus asked Ia many questions. The god explained everything to Kelledus without tire. When Ia went back to the Floating Island, Kelledus stayed behind at the brook of belief and thought of what religion is for a long period of time.


Tenebra was a glistening valley of honor. Kelledus surprised Ia by coming to this valley. Only he who had a heart without a spot of dark desire could enter the valley of honor. Ia had great expectations for Kelledus ever since seeing him fit to become the king of earth.

After Maestia, Kelledus has forgotten about honor. The lights that the valley exudes turned into fierce fire and the whole land was covered in lava. Now it serves as the base camp for Kelledus' army.


The land of the brave had turned into Cinis. It is where Kelledus' followers gathered and lived. Anyone living in the land of the brave was respected. It had a magnificent air surrounded by rough mountains. As his army grew Kelledus was not able to travel with them. His wish was for them to settle down and live in the land of the brave.

When Kelledus came back the villagers were greeted by an army of death. He had come back to take care his followers after taking over the floating island. The village warriors died without knowing who the army of death worked for.


Gelian was once the island of warriors. Kelledus had become king in the land of honor but he was not satisfied. Ia answered Kelledus' prayer for more by giving him a hint. It was courage: in other words the courage to give up everything you have to get what you want. Ia guided Kelledus to the island of warriors. The god told Kelledus to go to the land of dead and cross the frozen sea. There he will see an island where he will get what he wishes.

Kelledus set off in a small boat from the land of dead. He overcome many deaths and finally reached the island. When he was praying at the altar he realized his calling. He had crossed the sea to devote himself to the peace of mankind. He learned that the courage to do so is his strongest strength.


The warriors tried to look for Creta as Ia had asked but Kelledus' army found it first. The army of death was stopped by the people's prayer towards the god. Ia was protected by the wishes of humans.

Unfortunately the warriors could not reach Ia blocked by the forces of the deadly army.

Kelledus' army had taken over the island and created a magical barrier to seal Ia's powers. They had trapped Ia in darkness and built a large seal in the North and South point of the island. These seals must be destroyed in order to free IA

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