Lunia Guide

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Control Character Movements

Move character by using directional keys.
You can also move to digonal direction by pressing two directional keys
at the same time

Attack Monster

A key for basic blow
S key for specialized blow key (varies with different characters).
( Sieg : hit monster and cuases airborne / Eir : fire special magical projectile /
Dainn : charging mana gauge / Tia : charing for thrust stab attack)

Set Short key

You can set 1 ~ 0 keys as your short keys.
Place a Skill Button onto these short keys. Now, you can use skills with a single
key stroke.

Information Page Key

M key for Skill Page.
I key for Inventory Page.
C key for Character Info. Page.
U key for changing Camera View.

Down Blow Key

Attack downed or crawing monster with Space Bar key

Open Quest or Mission List

Open and Check obtained Quest or Mission list

Open and Activate Quick Skill List

Once you need to activate one of your skill in hurry, you can use D key.

Activate Chatting Page / Use Pre-Recorded Voice

F key for activating pre-recorded character voice such as "help"
Enter key for opening chatting page

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