Lost Saga Maps

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HQ is your home base. The crazy dude with an afro, Developer K, resides here along with all of your Heroes. The Time-Gate can also be found here. Developer K studies it furiously. Some say he is from the future.
HQ is a very useful place where you can listen to Developer K's strategies, practice your Hero's combos and basic controls or just kick back, take it easy and chat with your buddies.

Sky Scrapper

Skyscraper BGM [Download]

Heroes clash amidst the glitz and glamour of the city's skyline.
When the city sleeps, the battle begins. Be careful when jumping from rooftop to rooftop as there are many gaps that are hard to see; however, if you fall, you will enjoy a spectacular view like you've never seen before.

Various buildings, all at different heights, make this an easy place to knock opponents off of.

The best place to battle here is on the blimp in the center. The blimp is elliptical, so be careful not to slip and fall! The ideal strategy here is to occupy the blimp and knock anyone that tries to come at you off. The red building is larger than the others which also makes it a good location to fight.

The two small blimps are a perfect place to get some space from your opponents. While the area is small, it is not easy to knock people off.

Boot Camp

Be the best that you can be!
A military obstacle course soaked with the pride and passion of soldiers striving to be the best they can be. Words of wisdom litter the grounds to push the soldiers further. Those who master their training here can easily tackle any situation out in the field.

This course has a large central area with a walkway surrounding it on the sides and back. If you get into trouble in the center, you can quickly escape up to the walkway to plan your counterattack. The walls here will shield you from attacks but don't stand to close as you still might get hurt.

This course is very wide making it hard to knock opponents off. Use the numerous nets and barriers here to throw off your opponent and knock them out with your skills.
The high central platform is ideal for ranged attackers. Claim it for your own by knocking off any opponents occupying it.

Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins BGM [Download]

These mysterious tropical ruins burn in the blazing sun. The top of the statue's head is small and is an ideal spot to rain destruction down on your opponents. Capture the high ground before the opposing team especially if you have Fire or Ice mages or Captain Hook on your team.

Epic clashes always happen in the large central area. Take the center first to have an advantage or fall back and attack your opponents with a barrage of ranged attacks. Be mindful of the ledges near the staircase. The gaps are filled with bushes making it difficult to see.

This area has many narrow paths. Following an opponent to closely could get you knocked off! Always be ready to defend and counter.

The large gap in the center divides this place into two distinct regions. The lower area is very narrow and makes for an excellent spot to try and knock your opponent off. If you meet a high-level Hero here it's best to run up top to avoid almost certain death.

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