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Lost Ark Overview

Developed by Tripod Studios and published by SmileGate, Lost Ark is a new Korean Action-MMORPG using Unreal Engine 3. The teaser trailer introduces the upcoming playable characters, open world system, world map, life skills, combo system, and more.

Class Introduction

Besides Battle Master, Devil Hunter, Arcana, Warlord, Infighter, Summoner and Berserker making appearances in the video, still eleven classes are under development. Although each class only have eight skills, their skill can be changed according to different circumstances (which is quite similar to Diablo 3).


Battle Master is a female monk who specializes in close range combat she can deliver devastating attacks and combos. The Devil Hunter is pretty much like Dante from the Devil May Cry series one bad ass hunter! Arcana is one of the many ranged DPS classes with gambling abilities and arcane magic. The Warlord class really knows how to put the "Tank" class to use by wield a shield and portable lance cannon (It's really a rifle.)

The Infighter is another melee combat class that specializes in dual red and green energy system. The Summoner is a fairly straightforward class, she can summon various monsters that will assist her in combat. The Berserker class is the ultimate frontline AoE class delivering huge cleave attacks and given the ability to transform into a fiery rage state for one minute.

Major Features

Tripod System

The Tripod System of Lost Ark Online plays a big role in the action combat because players can specialize their character to how they like.


Explore the World everywhere

Players can travel freely around the world of Lost Ark Online using their own ship as seen below and in the trailer.

Interactive World

Lost Ark has a lot of hidden areas and it doesn't stop there alone. The game also offers hidden quests.


Open Areas

Lost Ark Online offers Open Areas just like Lineage Eternal or Devilian Online. The amount of players in one areas isn't limited to a small party! In the last image you can find a bunch of players beating down on a field boss.

Mini Games

Inside the tavern, players can participate in mini games and events such as the card and keg drinking game

PvP Arena - 1v1 and 3v3

Lost Ark Online currently offers 1v1 and 3v3 in the Colosseum.


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