Lost Ark Background Story

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Thanks for the translation of DeePrixel and fansite, here we've learned more information on Lost Ark’s background story, lore and more.

General setting

The whole world is in chaos from the attack of Kazeros’ demon army, as Kazeros opens the Chaos Gate with his six legions to invade the human world. Like a legend that exists in myths, the world has become a place where there are no heroes and everyone has forgotten about the Ark that defeated the demons in the past. Now, the player must venture the vast world of the Lost Ark to gather the pieces and go against the demon army. The one force that can stand up against the demons — The Lost Ark.


Act I. Prologue


A long time ago, during the age of the Chain War, the heroes of the Middle-Earth drove back the evil force with the power of the Ark, but the darkness starts to cover the land once more and it is time for the new heroes to set out on a journey of finding the Ark.


Adventure Area

Shushire is the cold icy land that Sirius the Ice God has frozen many centuries ago to stop the demons from taking over, but right now the swarm of hell-fire is about to be unleashed once more on to the land.
Anich is the nation founded by the monks who has renounced the world when the Chain War has ended. The Guardian, created by the god themselves, is protecting this land, and many martial artists challenge it to prove their power.
Arthetine is the Machine Nation founded by the great engineers. The cities developed with great speed with their technology, but on the other side, the slum areas became the danger zone. People of this land only seek for their own benefit, so a job called the “Troubleshooter” prevails across the land.

Characters of interest


Beatrice, the magical lady who foretells the future, leads the heroes towards the Ark to protect the world against the rising force of evil.

“The fate has brought you here. Please protect… the future that is yet to be set.”

Adventure Guide

You, adventurers, can progress through the story of your chosen class and get used to the controls and the combat style of your class. At the “edge of the world”, Trysion Gate, you can Advance your class by opening the Book of Prophecy and choosing your destiny.


Act II. The Evidence


Meet Aman, the one who seeks after the Ark. With him, you will begin the long journey of finding the lost Ark. The lost tablet piece from Leonhardt and the demon Carmine who seeks after it! The first evidence towards the Ark will be revealed…


Adventure Area

The homeland of many Archbishops, Leonhardt, looks like a normal village, but it is the last place where the gods were able to communicate during the Chain War era, so many believers still visit this place as their final holy ground. You can find the evidence about the Ark at the historic ruins of Loghill and Coils.

Characters of interest


Aman, the priest who has set out to find the Ark to save the world. He has a secret one cannot tell.

“I want to support the people as a priest of light. I’ll never stop… I won’t.”


Barutu. The priest of the Leonhardt cathedral. He tells you and Aman the evidence of Ark.

“May Lufeon be watching over you through your rough journey.”

Adventure Guide

Your adventure begins in your first city, Leonhardt. During your journey, you can find and explore many hidden monsters, ruins, and relics to get rewards by using your Adventure Book. Also, use your Tripod System efficiently to counter diverse events and powerful enemies. You will be making your own unique style of combat through these experiences.

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