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Already one of the most anticipated MMORPGS, "L.A.W - Living After War" paints a grim picture of a devastated planet earth. A devastating nuclear war left earth in ruins. Survivors fled the earth on spaceship "Tomorrow" to return 200 years later and rebuild civilization. But upon their return they find that those who did not escape have genetically mutated into a nature loving race now known as the Nak. The ideological differences between humans and Nak are not the only threat to resurrect civilization. The bloodthirsty Shamak are roaming the earth to enslave all mankind.

Game Info - The World is Dead!

In the dark and grim world of L.A.W classic MMORPG-action meets groundbreaking real time strategy warfare. Set up your base, claim resources and destroy your enemies using massive tanks and swift helicopters. Will you be Living After War?

It is up to you to lead mankind to victory. Command and take direct control over ground and airborne units to battle your enemies for rare resources. With groundbreaking real-time strategy (RTS) features, a sophisticated stock market for trade, epic boss battles and a unique, post-nuclear Setting L.A.W is the next generation of the MMORPG-Genre.

L.A.W - Living After War - Teaser

L.A.W. has two tribes: humans and mutant 'Niks.' Each tribe has three occupations: 'warrior' that boasts high attack and defense skills and techniques to handle blades, axes, and batons; 'assassin' that specializes in hidden combats using daggers, archery, and long-distance attacks; and 'esper' that can use elemental energy to destroy a certain area, summon combat robots, heal colleagues, and control enemies.

The Nak - Defender of Earth

Humankind - Conqueror of earth

Key Game Features

Unique Setting: Post-nuclear MMORPG

Strategic Gameplay: Real time strategy in PvP

Stock market: Trade resources

Free2Play: No monthly fees

L.A.W - Living After War is getting ready to head to closed beta in Q1 2012, take part in the CBT key raffle, check out: http://law.en.alaplaya.net/closedbeta.

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