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Gong'gong Tribe

As descendants of Emperor Yan'di, the Gong'gong tribe is proud of their ancestors' grand deeds of exploring the KunlunMountain. They are convinced that only through transformation of landscape could human society get somewhere. Most of the Gong'gong tribe people are a little bit conceited. They concentrate on the study of irrigation and water conservancy and have learnt to build the dams and reservoirs that are seen all around. In adoption of the harsh social system of "survival of the best", the strong male members build the mainstream of society and take up leadership, while women and old people are much lower in status; children are abandoned to their own fate in the wild and don't belong to the tribe if they fail to make the way home alive. Their foreign policy is "tit for tat" fair play; however, once they're united against somebody, they're almost invincible.

Yellow-Emperor Tribe

The Tribe of Yellow Emperor originates in the north. Xuan'yuan is their first leader; he has invented the first astronomical calendar, the earliest vehicles, arithmetic, music, palace and many others. He asks Cangjie to create characters to record and promote culture. Eventually the powerful tribe of Yellow Emperor is established in the north, and Yellow Emperor has been honored as their god. The tribal people in principle emphasize mutual aid and kindness; however, in the event of violation of astrological implication and fate, they would assume the role of moralist and launch a large-scale counterattack. Through divining they come to know destiny of themselves and the world, which they believe is predestinated, there's no need to intervene.

Kua'fu Tribe

These giants get their name because they're said to be descendants of Kua'fu, the giant pursues the sun. Legend has it that they could grow to infinite length; actually they're no more than two times higher than an ordinary human being. The emergence of a real giant entails extraordinary event and an extremely long life. The number of the race is very small, only one percent of those prosperous tribes (such as Shen'nong). They're dispersed in the snow-capped mountains and plateau in Pe'ming, and rarely seen elsewhere. This is a relative barbarous tribe, they dig holes in rocks to make a house or inhabit in furnished caves. Those close to the Mountain-moving tribe have learned to build with stones with clumsiness; the buildings are heavy and ugly. They wear animal skin, decorated with all kinds of religious jewelry such as necklaces. Old and sick soldiers of Kua'fu tribe who have survived numerous battles would venture into the snow mountain at the age of 65, dying from exhausted trudge or struggle with wild beasts. The remains of soldiers dying in war are also carried into the mountain to feed the animals, for this is their home.

Nest Owner Tribe

Originating in the south, the Nest Owner Tribe has their first leader called Nest Owner, who has invented the nest home under celestial guidance and with supreme wisdom. To honor him, the grateful local people vote for him to become the tribal chieftain, known as Nest Owner. After taking over power, he moves the capital to the sacred North Mangshan Hill and their influence gradually declines. They are mainly distributed in Pe'ming and West Tribe. With tenacious perseverance they manage to adapt to all kinds of rigorous environment. They swap their architectural technology with Kua'fu tribe's hunting skills. Moderate and peaceful, they try to avoid any conflict.

Shen'nong Tribe

The Shen'nong tribe is a petite sized race and gets its name from Shen'nong the hero who takes the risks to taste all kinds of plants to find and make herbal medicine. They're said to have transparent stomach so that everything eaten could be checked outside, but most of them are just like ordinary people with small stature. As a prosperous tribe they're scattered all around Kunlun, acting as doctors in the Kunlun world. Still the majority of them are to be found in the Mistwood Village of West Tribe. They build their houses into giant tree trunks or among the branches. They are very cautious and act with advice, being gregarious for the most of the time. They have deep knowledge herbals, people dreaming to become a pharmacist gather here far and wide. Anyway, the Shen'nong people tend to be greedy and bumptious, more than that they deem themselves the richest on the entire continent.

Feather Man

The Feather Man tribe is a mysterious race of long history. People practice to cultivate and become immortal when reaching the seventh layer of heaven, and then feather wings would grow out. In the heaven world, the Feather Men are mostly responsible for guiding souls to the heaven. But there're merely hundreds of them on the Kunlun continent, mostly in West Tribe. They go to work at sunset and rest before sunrise. When the moon rises they start to eat food sipping the fragrance of agalloch. Their feathers decay as they grow older. They live in peace and harmony with the Shen'nongs, who have always been coveting the shed feathers, though can't do anything about them in dread of the magic power of Feather Men.

Chi'you Tribe

Chi'you is a group of brave militants. Their legendary ancestor Chi'you is born with copper head and iron forehead, no weapon could harm him; his hairs are as sharp as swords. He also had 80 brothers as big and brave as him. His assistants include God of Wind and Water, all kinds of demons and monsters. By summoning wind and rain, they have great mental advantage over the enemies. He goes killing and pillaging everywhere, annexing lots of small tribes to build the ever stronger Chi'you tribe. Because of this he is adored as the God of War. They're good at mining and smelting, the weapons they build are sophisticated and powerful.

Drought Demon Tribe

The Drought Demon Tribe is always hidden in the dark. The source of their power is the blood, wherever they go plants wither and raining becomes impossible. Their ancestor Nv'ba has set a great service in the war between Yellow Emperor and Chi'you, yet she is banned from returning to heaven and has to wander in the mundane world in despise. And this is how the hatred comes along. There's no racial or blood relationship, no death or birth in this tribe. They fight to the last or get eliminated. Just like the Candle Dragon in the Nether world, they want to occupy the entire human world and claim justice with the Heaven world.

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