Kunlun Online Gourd Lottery

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Gourd Lottery

Event time: no time limit (3 times per hour)

Event venue: TaoYuan Village

Level requirement: Above level 5

Event description:
1. Click on Precious Bottle Gourd Peel in the TaoYuan Village to attend the Kunlun gourd lottery .(coordinates:347,517)

2. System automatically pop up the event interface and inventory after player click on Precious Bottle Gourd Peel

3. The event interface has ten slots, player can drag the unbound items from the inventory to the slots. Items can't pill up in the slot.

4. Click on "confirmation" to enter the wheel interface .

5. There're altogether 16 slots, in which award is randomly displayed. According to the instructions, Click the spoon on the wheel and it will quickly rotate, then it will grind to a halt , stop in the corresponding prize column, players receive the corresponding prize.

6. The quality of prizes depends on the number and the quality of items that player put in the slots.

NOTE: Gourd lottery can only use three times per hour, System will indicate to play again after one hour if the number of times is full.

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