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At the beginning of the universe, Pan'gu accidentally cut his hand when splitting the world, the blood dripping to mix together with the mud Nv'wa has prepared to make human. And when the mud turned into human, Shindian comes to the world. They all have a red birthmark in a specific area of the body. Respectively, it's Vis Divina Shindian if the birthmark is on the forehead, Combat Shindian on the wrist, Ginsen Shindian on the chest. When they become frantic, the red marks emit light and heat, multiplying the energy to defeat their rivals.

Shindians are robust fighters in pursuit of strength, stamina and supreme martial arts. Led by chief commander Bojian, they represent the presence of Yellow Emperor and build the main force in the confrontation with Chi'you Corps. Those surviving the battlefield all have superhuman physique, and their heavy armor can be very effective in defense. Although being a little bit weak in ranged attacks, they're formidable melee experts and accustomed to deal the fatal blow.

Vis Divina Shindian

The Vis Divina Shindians belong to no ancient school, neither have they inherited any secret martial arts scrolls. They just practice quite a lot; through hard training they hope they can be tough and strong. Earlier, they tend to isolate themselves, not as a group, but as individuals scattered all over the world. Then Emperor Yi organizes them under a single called "Vis Divina Battalion", which comes to be the most powerful troop of Kunlun. Born with a thirst for war and full of unimaginable force, they're well equipped with the heavies and deadliest weapon to cause almost unlimited damage on the battlefield, for their enemies it's physically real and fatal. Life and death, it makes difference in just one moment. They uphold brutal strength, maybe a little bit crude and rash, but the best vanguards.

Combat Shindian

Most Combat Shindians have come through scientific and systematic training from an early age. Following the footsteps of the ancestors, they formed the "Combat Battalion", the core force of the Yellow Emperor army. They have super strength, indomitable will, and are know for being bloodthirsty. Proficient in all kinds of combating skills, they're swift and fierce, tending to be unsparingly aggressive. They regard obedience the bounden duty of warriors and are willing to make any sacrifice for the honor and benefit of their tribe.

Ginsen Shindian

Right from the ancient period the Ginsen Shindians have always been the most powerful army on earth. Being proud of their heritage and natural gift, each of them is extraordinary. Although they're limited in number and even scattered all around, they're returning to orthodoxy thanks to the efforts of the Yellow Emperor, and set to carry on the legend. The "Ginsen Battalion" is formed to build the great wall of flesh and blood for the Yellow Emperor. Through practice of various internal strength skills they become immune to all kinds of poisons and even impenetrable just like bulletproof. They have ultra-high physical defense, being able to withstand the most violent attack in killing. Their rich experiences and first-class battle command capabilities make them the undisputed commander of the team.

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