Kunlun Online Ginseng Child

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Ginseng Child

Event time: No time limit (5 times everyday)

Event venue: 1st Layer of Taoyuan Fairyland

Level requirement: Above Level 20

Event description:

1. Find "Ginseng Child Event Administrator" at the 1st Layer of Taoyuan Fairyland (coordinates: 333, 620)。

3. You're directed to the wheel interface when clicking "Solo Mode" and "Team Mode". There're altogether 16 slots, in which 6 types of Ginseng Children are randomly displayed. Click on the spoon to rotate it, and click again to slow down until it stops and points to one Ginseng Child. Different Ginseng children correspond to different rewards.

4. Now, the selected Ginseng Child is right beside you, and it's named after you as [XXX's Child]. In case of Solo Mode XXX takes the player's name, and in case of Team Mode XXX is that of the team leader.

5. The Ginseng Child follows its master at a lower pace. During the escort, there're going to be incidents every 3 minutes, upon which Ginseng Child stops moving and an "exclamation mark" appears above it. Only the master or team leader is allowed to click on it to enable the dialogue box.

6. The message in the dialogue box tells the player what the Giseng Child wants, just drag the wanted items into the dialogue box and click "Ok", and the Ginseng Child walks again. There're also other incidents to be tackled along the way.

7.The destination is "Ginseng Child's Mom" (coordinates: 174,767) in Taoyuan village. Click on the NPC, Ginseng Child is gone; a golden question mark shows above its mom, click on it to enable the quest dialogue box, and click "Receive Prize" to get your rewards.


1.Certain amount of taels are collected as cash pledge after taking the "Ginseng Child Wants Mommy" quest.

2. The Ginseng Child relatively slower as the player.

3. The Ginseng Child won't attack player or mobster, and it won't be attacked by players too, yet the mobsters will attack it. The HP of Ginseng Child is determined by the master or team member with highest level.

4. The quest starts as soon as the Ginseng Child turns up, and if it's not taken to its mommy in 30 minutes the quest fails and cash pledge is seized.

5. If no right item is dragged into to the dialogue box within 5 minutes of the appearance of "exclamation mark", the Ginseng Child disappears.

6. Press "Receive Prize" to take the rewards directly in solo mode, in case of team mode the team leader do this and all team members could get the rewards.

7. The Ginseng Child refuses to move if the player or team leader is outside of its view by giving notifications; it disappears if this lasts more than 5 minutes and quest fails.

8. One player could take part in the invent for at most 5 times.

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