Kritika Feature Preview(Game Intro.)

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Kritika entered Closed Beta 2 recently in Korea, more players start paying attention to this Action MMO which with cartoon graphics.

In this March, Tencent announced that they have been the publisher of Kritika in China. And in May, Japan version has been revealed to players too. It's still unknown when the game will enter English gaming market.


Kritika is a 3D fashionable anime-style action MMO. In the fantastic world, the revolution of magic brings wars to the whole continent.

Various forces is running of the show of strife and plot, revenge and betrayal in the continent. The story with ups and downs makes players feel like playing an anime, which is a special gaming experience.



The highlight of the game is the fast and refreshing combat. Ultimate combos, magnificent skills, in-depth derived chains and fickle attributes, free 3D viewing angles, all brings excellent combat feeling to players. The combat system in Kritika just like the one in fighting games. What's more, the compelling effect of Unique Skill will let you know the limit of gorgeous.



Three basic classes was revealed: Warrior, Rogue and Gunmagician. Each class has three advanced class, when a character reaches level 15, he can start changing his class. Visit here for more details of the classes.

Basic Class Warrior Rogue Gunmagician
3 Advanced Classes Raging Berserker Cat Acrobats Freezing Blaster
Burst Breaker Crimson Assassin Dimension Controller
Demon Blade Mystic Wolf Guardian Shadow Mage





Super Unique Skill

Player will be able to learn unique skill while gaming. The Unique Skill icon will be flickering when it is available to use, players can press relevant button to use it. If players don't use the unique skill in time, it will be invalid after a period of time. Unique Skill is divided into: Common Unique Skill(which is used before class advancement), Special Unique Skill and Ultimate Unique Skill(these two can be used after advancement).



The same as most of MMOs, players use WASD to move characters, left click means attack, right click means special skill, and spacebar stands for jumping. There is also Fatigue System in Kritika, if a character has used up his fatigue, he can't combat any more.


As an action MMO, Kritika maps are made up of Villages and Dungeons, players only can kill monsters in dungeons. Of course, players are able to choose dungeon difficulty. When players die in dungeons, they can choose revive right now or in town, they need Resurrection Stone while choosing revive right now. They will gain skill points when level up, what convenient is they don't need to find the class NPC and learn skills, just open the skill window then they are able to learn skills by consuming SP and gold.




Future Plan

From the CBT2 forum, we got that NHN plans to hold the Open Beta in Korea at the end of this year. The fourth class is under developing. As we know, the gender of current 3 classes are fixed, NHN said they are considering adding the opposite sex for the classes.


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