Kritika Classes Detailed Introduction

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Raging Berserker Burst Breaker Demon Blade

Raging Berserker - He is good at magnificent and unrestrained swordsmanship.

Burst Breaker - He trys to break eveything by his fist, he is good at powerful boxing.

Demon Blade - He combines magic to blade and creates a splendid combat style.



Cat Acrobats Crimson Assassin Mystic Wolf Guardian

Cat Acrobats - A charming catwoman, she uses two-handed dagger to make unassailable combos.

Crimson Assassin - She is good at using concealed weapons.

Mystic Wolf Guardian - She lives with a huge wolf, she can summon the wolf in battles, her AoE magical skills will kill all enemies.



Shadow Mage Freezing Blaster Dimension Controller

Shadow Mage - He can use the power of shadow demon in battles, he cooperates with shadow demon and toy with enemies.

Freezing Blaster - He is a man who has a frosty heart, the flying frost and snow are his weapon. He is good at the magic of ice.

Dimension Controller - He is a mysterious man who can control the time and space. Weird combat style and strong destructive power are his sign.

Source: CN Official Site


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