Kongkong Online Character

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 • Chief
A guardian knight of TOZ.His family has been defending TOZ secretly from generations to generations.He    plays the guiding role and his abundant knowledge helps the party at critical moments.







 • Huey
Looks like a monster,but he is never fierce.He doesn't have many friends in the town because of his rough    appearance.He is very timid,but he has pure heart and likes to give flowers and presents to other toys.He    wants to feel loved.






 • Milly
Has a glorious past with great popularity.In adults mind,he is still remembered as the best toy,but he does    not remember the past and now he is the best troublemaker in the town.







 • Weeny
Dressed as a witch.Weeny always wears apure smile. Her sweet and cute appearance always makes    her friends happy.


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