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Become a Leader

As an officer in the service of your kingdom, you have demonstrated considerable potential. As you continue to rise through the ranks, your reputation grows and more volunteers line up to fight under your banner. Who will you choose to join your personal band of soldiers? There are a variety of NPC units at your disposal, and while you're free to select any type you desire, the most astute commanders will recruit troops and adopt formations that complement their overall specialization and fighting style.

Soldiers and You

Each class has different strengths and weaknesses, and some specialize in troop combat more than others. Your service record is exemplary, and there is no doubt you will excel regardless of your class. However, you may want to determine how important your soldiers will be to your advancement, and choose accordingly.

Class Max Soldiers
Warrior 2
Fencer 4
Strategist 6
Conjurer 2

Optimizing Your Troops

As you begin recruiting for your personal troops, there is some vital information you will want to review. As mentioned earlier, a wise commander will use troops and formations that fit their overall style. However, you will also be in charge of training these soldiers, as you will find many are raw recruits.

Charisma and You
Your Charisma affects your ability to lead others. If you are not able to inspire your troops, they will not follow you! You will need to have five points of Charisma for standard soldier types.

Equipping the Troops
As you acquire the spoils of war, please be advised that your soldiers will perform better when they have better Armor. You will find many different types of gear as you travel, and your troops will be able to use some of it!

Learning New Skills
Soldiers can study and learn new skills to improve their battle abilities. During your journeys, you will find books that will allow your soldiers to learn new abilities.

Soldier Upgrades
Your soldiers can advance as they level up - Check out the Upgrade Trees tab at the top of the page for more information.

Train your soldiers well for optimal performance during battle! Good gear and good skills make a big difference.

UpGrade Trees

Your soldiers will progress as you do, so long as you allow them to assist you in battle. As they fight by your side, they will also gain valuable experience and will eventually be able to grow into new specializations. When choosing the path for the growth of your soldiers, keep in mind that you may place them in up to three different formations and strategies! This system allows you to quickly issue commands to switch between attack and defense, as well as several variations.

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