Kabod Online - Magic Pattern System

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Magic Pattern

  • With in the magic pattern there is magical items and magical cards that enchants the items.
  • Structure of magic pattern system as follows.

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Releasing a Hold

  • When you first receive magical item, the magic pattern slot is in hold.
  • You must remove the hold in order for you to enchant the pattern slot card, you can remove the hold by using the magic pattern NPC.
  • Failure to release the hold, you can lose the item.

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  • Hold released magic pattern slot can be raised in levels by "awakening".
  • Same as releasing a hold, thru 'Magic Pattern NPC you can raise the level of pattern slot, when successful, but if failed the item in question is destroyed.

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Card Enchant

  • Holding both magic item and the magic pattern card, you can enchant the item.
  • The magic pattern item that has been released can be added with the options of the pattern card.
  • Upon failure the magic pattern item does not disappear but the card is used.
  • Results of the magic pattern card enchant is diverse.
    - Base levels(strength, cleverness etc.) option to raise
    - Combat levels(attack, defend etc.) option to raise

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