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Criminal Systems - level of crime and punishment of crime

  • Users can commit a crime and become a criminal but punishment follows.
  • Excluding beginning area and hunting area all other areas PK is allowed.
  • With use of PK you don't become a villain.
  • With use of robbing skills your honor drops and you can become a villain.

  • Founder of the continent
  • Upbringing of stable characters
  • All villages available for use
  • You can become a villain by robbing
  • Continental criminal
  • Upbringing dangerous and gambling characters
  • Barter and storage available at unlawful villages
  • Through rebirth you can become a pioneer anytime

PK Robbing System

  • Anybody can use the system but punishment is your responsibility.
  • With basic skill anybody can use the PK robbing system but players with minimum level ten you can not use.
  • You can grab an item from opposing players after you succeed in robbing the PK.

Magic Pattern

  • With in the magic pattern there is magical items and magical cards that enchants the items.
  • Structure of magic pattern system as follows.

Full Size

Destroyable armor

Realistic destroyable armor system are damaged and destroyed according to the monster's (human monster) and players built-in system.

[ Player Character "Female Knight" depends on level to destroy ]

[ Monster "Sayakah" depends on level to destroy ]

Hot date with ideal NPC

  • Within the village you can quest an ideal NPC.
  • If accepted, you can start the simulation mode.
  • You can quest daily.
  • Depending on the skinship and the relationship players buffering changes.


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