Kabod Online Control

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Mouse Explanation
Mouse Left General attack and moves
Mouse Right Change at the camera
Wheel Mouse Camera Zoom OR Zoom Out

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Keyboard Explanation Keyboard Explanation
1 Quick slot 1 W Direction Key↑
2 Quick slot 2 A Direction Key ←
3 Quick slot 3 S Direction Key ↓
4 Quick slot 4 D Direction Key →
5 Quick slot 5 K Skills Window(Skill)
6 Quick slot 6 L Quest Window(Quest)
7 Quick slot 7 M World Map(Zone Map)
8 Quick slot 8 B Bag(Inventory)
9 Quick slot 9 C Character Information Window
0 Quick slot 10 Q Item Looting
- Quick slot 11 ESC System Tools, Exit Game
= Quick slot 12 PageUp Previous Chat View
    PageDown After Chat View


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