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Key Feature

  • First Turn-based and Strategy Online Game
  • 8 towns, 16 classes and 56 creatures
  • 900+ campaigns with epic storylines
  • Unique Anima and Dragon Scale Forge System
  • Glorious Legion Building & Exciting Legion Wars
  • Challenging Arena and PK Tournament
  • Distinctive Faction Prestige System


8 playable and distinct factions for you to choose from, with two more (Conflux and Empire) factions already under development.


You will be able to access more powerful units as you upgrade your castle with resources gained from your adventures. You may also build outside the borders of Harmondale if you have the proper paperwork and gained enough reputation with the necessary faction. Be careful though, while these castles will provide a steady source of income, they are open to attack and even buyouts from your rivals.


Unit strength is measured via a star system ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 star units having the most attribute bonuses and of course, cost the most to recruit. Heroes can upgrade the star level through battle or soul offer.


Magic also works via a star system and a proficiency score. Every time a spell is used, proficiency increases, or you may train a spell in the online training center. Once proficiency for a spell reaches the cap, then you may learn the higher star version of that spell. The more stars a spell has, the greater its power and area of effect.


Every faction has their own spheres of influence, and there are neutral zones eagerly awaiting their new masters.


There is a massive mission system, with tutorials, battlefield missions, special festival missions, and many more. For example; there are 10 chapters of battlefield missions, totaling almost 900 unique missions, each with its own distinguishing storyline and goals. Some missions may require you to put down a rebellion, visit ancient ruins, slay a dragon, collect some time sensitive materials and deliver them, or work with your friends to take down an errant knight of the realm. These team missions will give out rewards according to each team member’s contribution and may even grant a chance to open a treasure box with mysterious goodies inside.,/


What would Heroes of Might and Magic be without PVP? We’ve already prepared an Arena for quick PK and will be hosting a slew of PK events; Faction PK, Team PK, Free for All PK, and Extreme PK.


Aside from the traditional means of bettering your equipment (inserting gems, improving its level and quality) you may also apply the Anima you gain from battlefield drops, mission rewards, and the honor store to customize your equipment to fit your style of play.


You can form guilds, gather resources, and join in guild PK to gain honor points and faction reputation.,/


Gorgeous 3D unit models combined with a terrain influenced, randomly generated combat map. The size of the combat map has also been enlarged so that no unit can traverse its entire length in one move, forcing players to think more carefully about unit formations and tactical requirements.

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