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Heroes And Generals Overview

Heroes And Generals Debut Teaser

Heroes And Generals is an online war game with multiple game modes accessible from multiple platforms. Play the game as the hero on the battlefield, the officer making the tactical decisions to win the battle, the general command devising the grand strategy and everything in between.Every player's action has consequences for the war effort.

Key Game Features

  • Online persistent game-world combining first-person action with strategic control.
  • One great war with thousands of participants each playing a role in the war.
  • Specialize your character(s) to become a hero or rise to become a commander of armies.
  • Fight the war on foot, in vehicles or from the skies.

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Game Modes

The Heroes And Generals game experience consists of three major game modes.

Heroes And Generals

The Action game is a modern multiplayer First Person Shooter game with multiple game modes, such as assaulting/defending an important strategic area, penetrating behind enemy lines to destroy supplies, gather intelligence or destroy enemy air defenses. Players progress, request for reinforcements/air strikes/etc. are fed up through the chain of command to the players playing the strategy game.

The Strategy game lets players enjoy the strategic side of waging war, devise grand plans and manage support, reinforcements and logistics. Set up defenses and plan attacks and support the boys on the ground as they fight their way through the enemy lines.

Handheld and casual games add yet another layer to the fray. From a smartphone or on your favourite social network you can provide valuable support to the war effort. Help decode enemy intelligence, execute bombing raids and more to support both players playing the action game and the general staff planning the grand strategies.

Whether you are sitting in front of a high-end gaming pc or standing on the bus you can enjoy the game and have fun while doing your part for the war effort.

More Ways To Play

  • The main game, "The War" is running on a central server (The War Server).
  • The War Server keeps track of resources and which forces occupy which areas of the theatre of war (which to start with is northern europe).
  • The players can interact with the server in various ways to influence the outcome of the war.
  • The basic gameplay is the FPS action game. It's a full blown first-person shooter experience, complete with intense infantry and vehicle combat in a wide variety of modes and missions, fought on behalf of the Axis or Allies. The result of a battle is fed into the warserver and thereby influencing the war on a higher level.
  • Players who choose to play the game in a more tactical way will rise in the ranks to become a commander.
  • Commanders will have the power to use the resources on the warserver to influence battles being fought by lower ranking players. Because of the nature of the game (a central running warserver), orders can basically be sent from any device connected to the internet. Our first implementation is via a tactical-overview in a web-browser, and will soon also include Android and iPhone apps.
  • If a team on the ground need air-support, the commander is able to send attack planes (this will initiate an air-raid for players with pilot-characters to join the battle) or order an artillery attack.
  • Casual games will play a role as well in future releases. The results of the casual games will also feed into the warserver but on a lower level than the commander. Ideas for casual games could be re-a field-hospital, where you are nursing wounded soldiers (getting wounded soldiers back to battle faster) or a tank/plane-factory (speeding up time of war-production).

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Create a character and take him from green recruit to what YOU want him to be; The war's greatest Rifleman, Sniper, Tank Commander, Fighter Pilot, Defensive genius, Intelligence Officer, Anti-Aircraft gunner etc.

As players progress in the game they will be able to alter the look of their character(s).

Characters can be customized

Character Costumization: Combat Badges and Ribbons

Initial design for some of the Combat Badges – 3 American badges in the top and 3 German badges below

A Combat Badge unlocks a special ability related to that particular badge. One special ability could be “Increase sprint time”, another could be “Faster startup time on airplanes”, etc. Your character can wear two Combat Badges at the same time and you can win the same Combat Badge multiple times, giving you a better version of the special ability. In order to be awarded a Combat Badge you need to earn two or more Ribbons related to that particular Combat Badge.

Ribbons are achieved by performing certain actions a number of times, such as winning a number of battles as attacker, making a number of knife kills, driving a certain distance in a vehicle, etc. A ribbon can be won multiple times and a “pip” will be added for each award.

Combat Gear

The combat gear will be shown on the character in-game. So if for example you switch from a sniper rifle to a sub-machine gun, the ammunition pouches will be replaced by the historically correct, elongated sub-machine gun magazine pouch. Likewise switching to a light machine gun the player will be equipped with a box of ammunition.

Combat Gear
Here's an in-game screen-grab of a couple of ammo types

German Pilot's Headgear

For more information about Heroes And Generals, please visit:Weapon,Tank,Campaign Review.

Interested players can sign up at the official site.

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