Guild Wars 2 Races

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The golden age of man has come to an end. They once had three mighty kingdoms in the continent of Tyria. They ruled the exotic lands of Cantha. And they presided over the golden sands of Elonia. Their heroes fought many battles and saved the world many times.
However all things come to an end. With the attack of the Charr on behalf the titans, one of the Kingdoms of Tyria has fallen into the oceans only to reemerge a home of undead. A second is all but wiped out with vengeful spirits haunting the ruins of its capitol and only a single fortress remains of it. The third has been in a civil war for over two hundred years and was force to abandon its capitol. The both great city of Lion Arch and the battle isle have been reclaimed by the waves. To the immediate south, the lands of Elonia have fallen under the rule of an ancient undead warlord and the people there have been betrayed by their own protectors. As for Cantha, no one has heard from it in centuries.
It is into a cruel world that the newest generation of humans is now thrust. From Ebonhawke and Divinity’s Reach they must step forth to reclaim what they once had. Now is their time to strike back.


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The savage charr with their feline features have been the longtime enemies of the humans. Tricked by the titans, they blasted through the Great Northern Wall, causing the Searing in Ascalon and the Cataclysm in Orr. Then they were abandoned and half turned to the Destroyers, leading to a civil war as they began to fight against their shaman cast.
The charr now hold almost everything to the east of the shiverpeaks and are divided into four legions: the fierce Blood Legion, the technological Iron Legion which makes its home in Rin, the Ash Legion and its assassins, and the outcast Gold Legion of the former shaman caste. Only Ebonhawke and the haunted remains of Ascalon City remain out of their control.
Now is a time when the charr are in power. As long as their history internal conflict doesn’t rear its ugly head, they have an opportunity to consolidate their power and expand.


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The norn are a race of proud individualists who give great honor to their heroes. Standing nearly nine feet tall and able to turn into a bear, these people can be fearsome foes.
Like the humans, the norn have been driven from their lands. Instead of the charr being the principle cause, it was the reawakening of the ancient dragons. Gunnar’s Hold fell and they were driven south into the lands that the dwarves once held by the armies of Primordus and Drakkar. In their new homes, they now have to contend with the dredge, a race of mole people.
Despite having lost their previous homes, the animistic norns have adapted to their new homes and the dangers of the new world. Because they are such strong individualists they have been able to stay on more or less neutral terms with both the humans to the west and the charr to the east.


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After they were driven out of their homes deep within the world by the destroyers, the asura were able to make quite a place for themselves on the surface. They are highly intelligent and look down on others quite a bit for being such a short race, but they have been able to establish themselves.
Their asura gates allow them to quickly travel across the face of tyria and they guard those gates well. Playing it smart, they have remained neutral with all the other major races in the various conflicts as they attempt to manipulate all others and situate themselves as the world’s new masters.
Eventually the asura may have to pick sides, but for now the things they have been doing are working and there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken.


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Little is known about the newest race, the sylvari. They were born fully grown from a unique tree. Why a normal oak would sprout people isn’t known by anyone and if the sylvari know they aren’t talking.
They are a mystical race, able to communicate with each other through something called the dream of dreams, but something else is in that dreams, something sinister, something possibly draconic. However they are new to the world and living in a turbulent time, it could just be a fear of the unknown that lie in their mind and speaks in their dreams.
Regardless, now is the time of learning and adventure for the innocent sylvari. The world and all that it is in it is new to them and something for them to explore. Guided by the wisdom of the centaur Ventari, they now set forth to seek new things out and to create a civilization of their own.

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