Making Your Own Guild Wars 2 Card Game!

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Today we'd like to show you a fan-made card game about Guild Wars 2 which is created by IDarko and based on playing Stratego with normal playing cards.


"In this version, I added my own rules and things like that. --IDarko"

First, we need to download these two files for preparation.

Download Rules

Download Cards (The battlefield is optional)

Then, let's start it step by step. You need to print them out, cut them, glue them on harder paper and cut them out again. It's a bit of work but it's worth it!

Why don't you try to make your own Guild Wars 2 card game by yourself and play it with your friends in this cold winter?

Playing the game with the battlefield.

The 2 decks. A blue and red guild.

All 30 cards.

Upcoming changes

Things that might get changed based on testing, feedback, suggestions etc.
- Replacement skill/effect for "Retreat". Right now the card is not being used alot and mostly kept till the very end of the game, and therefor it's not a interesting card imo. I want interesting cards only!! 
- Some cards are only used for their special usage. "Krytan Mesmer" for example. Therefor i will increase the power of a few cards, so the player has to make a more difficult/strategic choice.
- The card "Norn Ranger" will recieve a bonus: "The Norn Ranger can also use her longbow to attack cards in the second rank."
- The card "Enraged Quaggan" will recieve a bonus: "The Enraged Quaggan has 3 more power when attacked".


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