Guild Wars 2 All Updates

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[01-10] Guild Wars 2 Black Lion Chests Add New Content
[10-17] ​Guild Wars 2 Celebrates Halloween with The Shadow of the Mad King
[09-24] Guild Wars 2 Second Expansion Path of Fire Now Available
[08-31] Get Ready for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire's Stress Test
[08-28] Guild Wars 2: Expansion Specialization Weekend
[08-14] Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Free Weekend Demo
[08-01] Guild Wars 2 to Launch Second Expansion Path of Fire
[07-25] Guild Wars 2: Basic Conquest PvP Tips In 2017
[07-19] Guild Wars 2 - Warrior PvP Build Advice and Guide
[07-13] Is Guild Wars 2 Worth Playing in 2017? A Guild Wars 2 Review
[07-05] 5 Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 (Arena) PvP is Worth Playing
[06-23] Guild Wars 2 Guide - How To Make The Combat More Like Black Desert Online/TERA
[05-02] Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Flashpoint Episode Available Now
[02-21] GW2 - Ascended Gear Vending Soon to Require Crafting
[02-13] GW2 Works to Actively Purge Toxic Players
[01-19] Guild Wars 2 Player Creates Massive Season One Movie
[01-04] Player Reaches the Gold Cap in Guild Wars 2
[11-29] Guild Wars 2 - Must-Have Gem Store Items
[11-12] Why Guild Wars 2 is a Perfect B2P Example
[11-05] Guild Wars 2 Halloween Event Gets an Extension
[11-02] GW2 - ArenaNet Temporarily Stops Economy Interference
[10-27] GW2 Opens the Doors to Expanding Material Storage
[10-16] GW2: A Look at the Queue Change Proposal for Ranked Arenas
[10-13] Guild Wars 2 - QoL Changes Role Players Desperately Need
[10-07] Guild Wars 2's PvP - A Look at Default Builds
[09-27] Guild Wars 2 - Why Fractals Rock
[08-25] Guild Wars 2 - Is It Pay To Win?
[07-26] Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 3: Episode 1 Live July 26
[07-17] Guild Wars 2 - The Success of the WvW World Merge
[05-04] Guild Wars 2 World Linking and Revival of WvW
[04-21] Guild Wars 2: Quarterly Update Details
[02-17] Guild Wars 2 - The Benefits of Doing WvW During Dead Hours
[01-16] Guild Wars 2 - Shatterer World Boss Gets Revamped
[01-14] ArenaNet Shares Their Plans for Guild Wars 2 in 2016
[01-11] Guild Wars 2 New Year Updates of Balance
[12-15] Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Soundtrack Now Available on Collector's Edition Vinyl
[12-11] A Critique of GW2's Battle System
[12-01] Guild Wars 2 Experiences Currency Deflation
[11-14] A Look at Guild Wars 2's Core Population After Heart of Thorns
[11-11] First Raid Coming to Guild Wars 2 Next Week
[10-27] Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Review
[10-20] Guild Wars 2 Update: New Map, New System and Changes of Hero Point Earning
[10-16] Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Coming Next Week
[10-09] Guild Wars 2 Reward Track Overhaul Coming in Heart of Thorns
[10-02] Guild Wars 2 - What to Expect From the Base Game Going Forward
[09-29] First Raid of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Will be Available in This Beta Weekend
[09-28] Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Launch Trailer Unveiled
[09-25] Guild Wars 2 - The Final Beta Weekend Event Begins October 2
[09-23] A Look at Guild Wars 2's Move to F2P
[09-16] Can Guild Wars 2 Make it Into e-Sports
[09-07] Heart of Thorns - Is a Free Character Slot Enough
[09-02] Guild Wars 2 - The Mordrem Event is Coming
[09-02] NCSOFT West Meets First Loss in Five Years
[08-30] Guild Wars 2 Announces Free to Play and New Expansion at PAX Prime 2015
[08-10] ArenaNet Announces PvP Leagues Coming with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
[08-07] Guild Wars 2 to Launch Next Expansion in 2015
[07-22] Guild Wars 2 Confirms Tempest, the Next Elite Spec for Elementalist
[07-20] Guild Wars 2: The Revenant was Adjusted with a New Character Unveiled
[07-16] Arenanet Reveals New Revenant Legend, Shiro Tagachi for Guild Wars 2
[07-02] ArenaNet Reveals New Mist Champions for Stronghold PvP Mode in GuildWars 2: Heart of Thorns
[06-24] Transgender NPC Now in Lion's Arch of Guild Wars 2
[06-24] Guild Wars 2's Lion's Arch and Personal Storyline Restored
[06-17] E3 2015: Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Pre-Purchase Now Available
[06-11] Guild Wars 2 Unveils Guild Halls to be Shown at E3
[06-03] Player Spends $5,000 In Guild Wars 2
[06-02] Guild Wars 2 Stronghold PvP Public Beta Now Live
[05-30] Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Stronghold Public Beta will Start on June 2
[05-26] Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Closed Beta Testing Starts Today
[05-22] Guild Wars 2 Heart Of Thorns Closed Beta Testing on May 26
[05-21] WvW Upgrades Coming to Guild Wars 2 in Heart of Thorns
[05-20] Lion's Arch is Being Rebuilt in Guild Wars 2
[05-15] Guild Wars 2 Announces The Necromancer Elite Spec, The Reaper
[05-12] ArenaNet Teased Necromancer Specialization for Guild Wars 2
[05-07] Dragonhunter Specialization Coming to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
[05-05] Guild Wars 2 Teases Guardian to be the Next Elite Specialization
[04-25] Guild Wars 2 - Playing the Market Effectively Part 2
[04-20] Guild Wars 2 Third Tourney of Legends Coming This May
[04-18] Guild Wars 2 - Playing the Market Effectively Part 1
[04-17] New Hylek Tribes to come to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
[04-09] Guild Wars 2: 24-Hour Stronghold Public Beta to be Held on April 14th
[04-01] Guild Wars 2 Overview of New Borderlands
[03-18] Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns - New Details Revealed for Desert Borderlands Map
[03-12] Production Leader Chris Whiteside Leaving Guild Wars 2
[03-05] Play Guild Wars 2 : Two Heart of Thorns Demos at PAX East
[02-26] Camera Changes Coming to Guild Wars 2 March 10
[02-24] More Details Revealed for the New Revenant Class of Guild Wars 2
[02-19] ArenaNet Details New Revenant Profession for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
[02-12] New Details Released for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Stronghold
[02-12] Why Guild Wars 2 Probably Won't Have a Level Cap Increase
[02-08] Guild Wars 2 - Overview for New Mastery System Heart of Thorns
[02-05] ArenaNet Invites Players for a First Look at Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns
[01-25] Guild Wars 2's Heart of Thorns Announced as the First Expansion
[01-22] ArenaNet Packs PAX South Weekend with Guild Wars 2 Events
[01-21] Guild Wars 2 Is Dying? The Economy Issue Proves it!
[01-13] Guild Wars 2 Living World Finale Puts Players at 'Point of No Return'
[01-11] MMO! Show Episode 57 "Week 1/11/2015" Games Who Have Something to Prove
[01-06] Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Finale: Point of No Return Teaser Trailer
[12-21] Guild Wars 2: Play for $50,000 USD at the Next World Tournament Series Championship at PAX East
[12-04] Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series Finals are Live in Beijing
[11-25] Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Begins December 2
[06-24] Another Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Coming June 27
[06-21] Guild Wars 2 - Three New Structured PvP Maps!
[06-20] ArenaNet Dev on Measuring Fun and Success in Guild Wars 2
[06-18] Guild Wars 2: Jumping Puzzle - A Leap of Fate
[06-15] Guild Wars 2: Are Thief Critical Hits Really Overpowered?
[06-15] Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announcement to Be Made Imminently?
[06-13] Guild Wars 2 - Beta Weekend Event 2 Overview
[06-12] Guild Wars 2: You Can Level up to 80 without Killing a Thing
[05-22] Guild Wars 2: No Beta Weekend Event 2! Have a Rest This Weekend!
[05-06] Guild Wars 2: Gem Store Is Partially Online
[05-05] New MMOs in April 2012 Round up!
[05-04] Guild Wars 2 - Beta Weekend Event 1 PvP Overview
[05-03] Guild Wars 2 - Personal Story, Truly Personal?
[05-02] ArenaNet Talks about Melee vs. Ranged Combat in GW2 1st Beta Weekend
[04-27] Guild Wars 2 Beta Event Is A Go, NA Digital Editions Sold out
[04-27] Guild Wars 2 - Is it Just a WoW Clone?
[04-26] Guild Wars 2: We're in It to Win It This Time, Says ArenaNet
[04-25] Guild Wars 2: Second Milestone Picture in Facebook Released
[04-24] ArenaNet Details World Choosing and Transferring for Guild Wars 2
[04-24] Guild Wars 2 to Have High-level Features and Expansions for Years to Come
[04-23] Guild Wars 2 Keeps All Fans Engaged in Social Media
[04-19] Guild Wars 2 Reveals More Detailed Info about Next Week's Beta Event
[04-19] Why Guild Wars 2 E-sport Scene is Going To Explode
[04-18] Guild Wars 2 First Beta Weekend Dated April 27th
[04-16] OH, I'm So Jealous with This Custom-built Guild Wars 2 PC
[04-14] My Hopes and Fears for World vs. World in Guild Wars 2
[04-12] Sneak Peak at the The Making of the Collector Edition's GW2 Book
[04-12] ArenaNet Highlights Rytlock Figurine in Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition
[04-10] Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase Now Available
[04-09] Best Buy Joins Guild Wars 2 CE Pre-purchase, New Video Released
[04-09] ArenaNet Made Some Clarifications on Guild Wars 2 CE Pre-purchasing
[04-06] Guild Wars 2: Client's Region Locked But Game Server's Free
[04-05] ArenaNet Details the Squad Role in Guild Wars 2's WvW
[04-04] Guild Wars 2 Character Creation Video Features a Celebrity Lineup
[04-01] [April Fool] Guild Wars 2 Canceled, Guild Wars 3 Being Developed
[03-31] Guild Wars 2: Class System Inspired by Team Fortress
[03-29] NCsoft Explains Price Discrepancy on GW2's NA and EU Collector's Edition
[03-27] Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase Retails List Revealed
[03-27] Guild Wars 2: The Cash Shop Items Get Leaked
[03-22] Guild Wars 2 Probably Has No Region Lock
[03-20] ArenaNet Explains Microtransactions in Guild Wars 2
[03-13] Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase Program Detailed + Minimum System Requirements
[03-12] Guild Wars 2 Issued a New Video to Thank the Aspiring Beta Testers
[03-12] Guild Wars 2: Collector's Edition and New Website Being Developed
[02-29] Guild Wars 2 Dev Blog Explains Traits and Attributes Systems
[02-27] Guild Wars 2: Next Closed Beta Test to Launch in Late March
[02-26] Guild Wars 2: One Million Beta Sign-ups in 2 Days!
[02-22] Guild Wars 2: Dev Blog Details Beta Changes, Meta-event and More
[02-22] Server Queues Begone! Guild Wars 2 Employs Server Overflow Mechanic
[02-17] Guild Wars 2 Limited Beta Test Begins Today!
[02-17] Guild Wars 2 Blog Delves into World vs World PvP
[02-16] Guild Wars 2 Console Version Confirmed, Large-scale Beta Coming Soon
[02-15] Guild Wars 2 Features Spanish Localization at Launch
[02-08] Fan-made Guild Wars 2 Videos Are as Epic as Official Ones
[01-31] Guild Wars 2: PvP Scholar Armor and More Fetching PvP Action Screens Released
[01-31] Guild Wars 2 Unveils Four New Screens of the To-be-announced PvP Map
[01-28] Guild Wars 2 to Launch on June 30? Well, Thinks So
[01-26] Guild Wars 2 Dev Blog Detailing the Jotun Race
[01-23] Guild Wars 2 Confirmed to Be Released Later This Year
[01-23] Guild Wars 2 Dev Reveals Their Favorite Top Nine Skill Combos
[01-17] Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet Is Planning for the Open Beta!
[01-11] Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet Talks the Balance between PvP and PvE
[12-21] Guild Wars 2 Dev Talks about Achievement,Thief Update and More
[12-14] Guild Wars 2: Closed Beta to Officially Begin This Friday!
[12-14] Guild Wars 2 Unveils More Detailed Info about Mesmer
[12-12] Guild Wars 2: Mesmer is Confirmed to be the Final Class! [Leaked Video Updated]
[11-10] New Guild Wars 2 G-Star Demo Features Customization, UI and Skill Changes
[11-09] Guild Wars 2 to Show up at G-Star 2011 with Promotional Demos
[11-07] GW2 Dev Talks about Engineers, Ranger's Pets, Combos and More
[10-31] NCsoft to Exhibit Lineage Eternal at G-Star 2011
[10-29] The 18 Highly Anticipated MMORPGs Selected By Korean Players [Part 1]
[10-22] Korean Media Summarize Successful Factors of Next-gen MMORPGs
[10-17] Guild Wars 2 Showcases the Apelike Creature Grawl
[10-11] 1 Month to Go Before G-Star 2011 Opens!
[09-28] Guild Wars 2 Pledged Not to Sell Anything Evil in Cash Shop
[09-26] Guild Wars 2 Named Eurogamer Editors' Game of the Show
[09-26] Three Gameplay Videos Highlight Guild Wars 2 in Eurogamer Expo
[09-21] Rumor: Guild Wars 2 to Begin Closed Beta in November?
[09-20] A Few Thoughts on Multiple Guilds Setting in Guild Wars 2
[09-20] 50 Days to Go Before G-Star 2011 Opens!! Gstar 2011 Preview
[09-16] Guild Wars 2: Asura Page Updated Along with an Animation Dev Blog
[09-14] New Guild Wars 2 Blog Delves into the Little Geniuses Asura
[09-13] New Guild Wars 2 Blog Unveils Asura Environment Arts
[09-12] Guild Wars 2: Matt Barrett Tells You the Design Process of Asura
[09-08] Guild Wars 2 to Kick off Asura Week Next Monday
[08-29] PAX 2011: Guild Wars 2 Will Feature Multiple Guilds
[08-26] Guild Wars 2: A Milestone for MMO-based Competitions
[08-24] Guild Wars 2 to Have More Than 1500 Dynamic Events
[08-22] Guild Wars 2 Crafting Explained and Demoed at Gamescom
[08-19] Guild Wars 2: Three New Videos Highlights PvP, Char Customization and Gameplay
[08-18] 3 Korean Game Tycoons Attend Gamescom 2011
[08-18] Guild Wars 2 Dev Elaborates on PvP at Gamescom
[08-17] Guild Wars 2 Gamescom PvE Trailer + Screens Released
[08-16] Guild Wars 2: Some Must-see Major Changes to Gamescom Demo
[08-14] Experience the Exclusive Guild Wars 2 PvP in Gamescom
[08-11] Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Page Updated with Lore, Screens and a Video
[08-10] Guild Wars 2 New Video Details Designing the Sylvari
[08-10] New Guild Wars 2 Blog Delves into the Sylvari Soul
[08-08] Guild Wars 2: The Root of the Sylvari Redesign
[08-07] Get Prepared for Sylvari Week in Guild Wars 2
[08-03] ArenaNet Talks about Guild Wars 2 and Its Free-to-play Model
[07-31] Guild Wars 2 Heads Over to Gamescom with Brand New Demo!
[07-04] Guild Wars 2 Dev: It's Tough to Bring MMO to Consoles
[06-28] ArenaNet Delves into Designing the Dungeons in Guild Wars 2
[06-27] Guild Wars 2: Two New Videos Give You a More Detailed Look at the Dungeons
[06-22] Guild Wars 2 Interview Unveils More Juicy Details on Profession Selection
[06-16] Guild Wars 2 Reveals the Most Harmless Race - Quaggan
[06-14] Guild Wars 2 Won't Have Standalone Expansion
[06-13] No Typical MMO Quests in Guild Wars 2, Says Game Designer
[05-29] ArenaNet Outlines Summer Tradeshow Plans for Guild Wars 2
[05-26] ArenaNet Explains the Engineer in Guild Wars 2
[05-18] NCsoft: Guild Wars 2 Beta Coming This Year, Probably Release in 2012
[05-18] ArenaNet's Developing New Security Measures for Guild Wars 2
[05-11] Guild Wars 2 Unveils the City of Lion's Arch with a Brand New Video
[05-09] Skills Play an Important Role in Guild Wars 2, Says Dev Team
[05-05] Guild Wars 2 Dev Provides New Info on the Unique PvP System and More
[05-04] Guild Wars 2 Unveils the New Underwater Region - Krait
[05-02] Guild Wars 2: Some Key Points That Worth Your Attention!
[04-28] Gods & Heroes Announces Release Date and Pre-order Details
[04-28] Guild Wars 2: Some Funny HD Demo Screenshots for You to Enjoy
[04-27] ArenaNet Delves into Environment Art in Guild Wars 2
[04-21] Guild Wars 2: Official Charr Page Updated with 'The Domain of the Charr' Video
[04-20] ArenaNet Artists Talk about the Design of Charr Race
[04-20] Guild Wars 2: Scott McGough on Writing the Charr Race
[04-17] Guild Wars 2: Charr Week Coming Next Week!
[04-15] Guild Wars 2 Dev Talks Endgame, World PvP, and Much More
[04-12] What Players Think Matters the Most for MMOs!
[04-05] Guild Wars 2 Unveils Those Sneaky, Sneaky Skritt
[04-05] Guild War 2: The Story Behind the Commando Class
[04-01] Guild Wars 2 Will Be Releasing Exclusively to the iPad!
[03-30] Guild Wars 2: Summer Convention Plans Outlined by AreanNet
[03-25] Guild Wars 2: Official Video for PAX East Panel Released
[03-23] Meet Hylek Race in Guild Wars 2!
[03-12] Guild Wars 2: Official Thief Page Updated with Tons of Information
[03-10] Guild Wars 2: A Sneak Peak at Thief
[03-09] Andrew McLeod Explains How Crafting Works in Guild Wars 2
[03-09] Guild Wars 2: Izzy Talks about Attributes System and Iteration
[03-07] Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet Outlines Schedule for PAX East Week
[03-07] Guild Wars 2: GDC 2011 Demos Collection!
[03-03] Guild Wars 2 Thief Profession Unveiled
[02-24] Guild Wars 2: Norn Page Updated with Brand New Video and Wallpapers
[02-24] Designing and Redesigning Norn Events in Guild Wars 2
[02-22] Guild Wars 2: Norn Week Continues with New Audio Clips
[02-21] Guild Wars 2: Norn Week Kicks Off Today!
[02-20] Korean Games Most Watched By Overseas Players in 2011
[02-18] A Look into MMOs' Future Based on the Market Situation in Q1, 2011
[02-18] Can TERA Compete with Blade & Soul and Guild Wars 2?
[02-15] Assuring Quality in Guild Wars 2 to Make the Game Rock
[02-14] Guild Wars 2: The Three Military Orders of Kryta
[02-11] Guild Wars 2: Closed Beta Confirmed To Be Happening in 2011
[02-11] Guild Wars 2: Human Page Updated With History and New Video
[02-10] Designing Human Characters in Guild Wars 2
[02-09] The Trend of Korean MMOs: High-quality Graphics Decide the Result
[02-09] Against the Wall: Humanity in Guild Wars 2 (Lore + Audio)
[02-02] Guild Wars 2: Jon Peters Expounds on Combat System
[01-28] Guild Wars 2: The 5th Profession Guardian Skills Video
[01-12] Guild Wars 2: the Wisdom and Power of the Kodan
[01-10] ArenaNet Have Recorded 54 Minutes of Raw Footage for the Guild Wars Fans
[12-24] ArenaNet Releases New Guild Wars Novel Edge of Destiny
[12-23] Guild Wars 2: the 5th Profession to Be Released in January 2011
[12-04] ArenaNet Talks about Skill System, Especially Elite Skills in Guild Wars 2
[11-30] ArenaNet Talks Energy and Skills in Guild Wars 2, Very Challenging!
[11-28] Do We Really Have to Wait till 2012 for the Release of Guild War 2?
[11-19] Guild Wars 2 Designer Talks About Release Date
[11-13] Guild Wars 2: Unique Character Selection and House System
[11-08] Guild Wars 2: Say No to Those Grind MMOs Resolutely!
[10-25] Guild Wars 2: Amazing Concept Art Released in NYC ComicCon 2010
[10-14] GW2 Hall of Monuments: Clarifications & Tips
[10-11] The Last Whiskey Bar- Have a Look at the Charr Arena Event in Guild Wars 2
[10-09] Guild Wars 2 Added Oppressor’s Weapons to Hall of Monuments
[09-06] New MMOs in August 2010 Round up!
[08-15] Guild Wars 2: Professions We Know So Far
[08-15] Blade & Soul is Likely to Release Gameplay Demo at Gstar 2010
[06-21] The Updated Version of New Game Frontier on MMOsite Live!
[05-13] Recommended MMOs in May 2010
[04-10] Recommended MMOs in April 2010
[03-09] Recommended MMOs in March 2010
[02-09] Recommended MMOs in February 2010
[02-09] Guild Wars 2 Set to Launch CBT in 2011
[09-23] Guild Wars 2 Art Books on Sale, What do You Expect Next?
[05-13] Rumor: Guild Wars2 will Bring into Single Player Version

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