Guild Wars 2 - Money Making Guide

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Written by: Silentstorminc

This is a money making guide for Guild Wars 2, the guide was originally posted on Blog site. Now I share it here and hope this guide could help your guys. And thanks Silentstorminc for writing the guide.

Guild Wars 2: How to Money Making for Beginners - Part 1

I did a nice live break down of making gold practices in Guild Wars. I found that these work and if you do them from the very start of playing. You will have no trouble by the time your lvl 80 in affording anything you want to buy. I did it live because I didn't want to just say look here you can make money and show you a after effect. If you don't understand anything I said leave a comment here.

Guild Wars 2: How to Money Making for Pro's - Part 2

This is sort of a part 2 of the first video I made. This time its made from a lvl 80 fresh perspective. I used a fresh 80 as a example as well. These are simple and in depth tactics and mind sets for GW2. I don't teach flipping or exploits because it either gets nerfed or flooded.

How to do think of this guide? If you want to share any guides about Guild Wars 2 too, please feel free to post them in Blog site.

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