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In A.D. 211, Emperor Septimius Severus takes his last breath during the Britannia expedition. In his last word, he appointed his two sons as the successor to the throne.
Caracalla, the older of the two brothers who had a burning ambition, rose to the throne through a sweeping purge and a series of assassinations. During his bloodbath, he dragged away his brother Geta from his mother's embrace and slaughtered him mercilessly. Caracalla, a tyrant bathed in blood, invaded Germania and Parthia soon after seizing the throne. Thus, the Rome was caught in the tides of war.



This war started with the emperor's declaration that he was the reincarnation of Alexander the great. Whenever he pretended to be so, he wasn't Caracalla himself and seemed to be possessed by another being.
Day by day, Caracalla's strange behavior worsened; he indulged in ancestral rites from ancient Egyptian ceremonies to unknown various dark rituals.
Dark rumors and endless conquests disheartened the Roman citizens, and the emperor took measures to appease the discontented by hosting contests of gladiators everyday. People soon forgot their grief and plunged into the sea of pleasure. Once again, the era of raw strength and the glory of gladiators arrived.


4.Monster Battle

Clan & Clan Rank
- You can join any clan without limitation. You need to be above level 20 to create a clan.
- A clan gains Clan EXP based on the achievements of the clan or the clan members. The higher Clan EXP gained, the higher Clan Rank rises. When a clan meets the required Rank, they can participate in clan vs clan matches.

Smart Matching System
- The Smart Matching System will match you with the most appropriate opponents.
- Your level, Badge, PvP records, and equipment data are used for finding the right opponent.

Random Arena
- After the matching process, an arena will be selected randomly.
- You can experience various fighting patterns depending on the arena; each arena has distinct geographical features, trap arrangement, and recovery item placement.
- In an arena where there are deadly pits, sharp wit wins the day rather than good equipment.

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Clan Match
Lead gladiators from each clan will fight for the clan's honor in a clan vs clan match where the game mode changes every week.
- Lead gladiators from each clan will fight according to the game mode that changes every week.
- Participants can be selected tactically based on the game mode that changes every week.
- Clan members can join a large scale fight with over 10 gladiators; CTF(3:3:3) where three teams compete for carrying flags, Clan Death Match(6:6) where 6 leaders from each clan fight to the death, and Siege Warfare(8:8) where AOS style strategy is needed.
- Based on the match result, each clan may earn Clan EXP, the qualification for Clan Tournament, equipment materials, and enchantment materials.


Battle Royal
The winner among 6 gladiators will be decided in Battle Royal
- All of the 6 gladiators who enter the match will fight against each other until the last man stands.
- When you kill an enemy, you will receive Critical Hit Bonus that recovers HP and increases attack power.
- If you avoid fighting, you will receive Fugitive Penalty that reduces HP for a certain period of time.
- Each player's Battle Royal Point is recorded and accumulated automatically; the points will be reset on a weekly basis.
- If you gain high enough Battle Royal Point, you will be qualified for a tournament.
- Light users may enjoy this match mode because high-level players are always targeted first as a public enemy.


3 vs 3 Team Death Match
The winner among 6 gladiators will be decided in Battle Royal
- Each team earns 1 point when the team member eliminates an opponent or an opponent dies in a trap.
- The first team to earns 7 points wins the match.
- A player dies when his/her HP goes below 0. This player will revive in 60 seconds.
- Heavy users may enjoy this match mode as the teamwork and equipment affect the match result significantly.


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Story Mode
- This mode allows players to experience a journey as a gladiator.
- Clear 18 stages by challenging villains in the scenario.
- At the beginning and the end of a stage, a series of cutscenes will be presented to help players understand the scenario and to keep player's interest.


Challenge Mode
- In this mode, a player will select a monster he/she wishes to fight with.
- After the selection, the player can choose a level of difficulty from 1 to 4.
- The player can challenge a monster either alone or with others.


Defense Mode
- In this mode, you will try to survive from waves of incoming monsters.
- Bring down the first group of monsters, and then you will face the next one.
- You can complete this mode by maintaining the strength and surviving till the end.


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- A match table is created based on the order of registration by clans and individuals. (Registration restricted by rank) This week's tournament proceeds after the creation of the match table.
- The qualifying round and the quarter-final take place during weekday, and the semi-final and the final during weekend. Non-participating players can enjoy the tournament by either watching or betting on matches.
- A tournament schedule is arranged automatically and will be announced in the game on Monday morning. Each participants will receive an invitation letter. Most matches are held in the evening.
- A champion of each tournament will be rewarded with the title of Champion and a trophy. This trophy can be used to produce the finest equipment for champions.

Battle Royal Tournament
6 matches of 6 players will be held among the top 36 Battle Royal rankers.
The 6 winners from each match will compete in the final match. The last man standing becomes this week's Battle Royal champion.

Team Death Match Tournament
The top 16 teams from 3 vs 3 league enter the team tournament. The team that earns the highest points becomes this week's Team Death Match champion.

Clan Tournament
Clans with high Clan EXP enter a weekly Clan Tournament. GM will decide on what game mode clans will participate in.


- Players can bet on tournament matches by buying a gambling chip from Ticket Office.
- Once a match starts, players cannot bet anymore. (Players can still watch the match even after it has started.)
- Players can view statistics of participants and expected return at the time of betting.
- Once a match finishes, the match result and the betting reward(Roundel chip) will be delivered via mail.
- With the purchased or rewarded Roundel chip, players can buy rare items of high quality equipment, costume, and etc.
- Because of gambling regulation, Roundel chip will be binded to the player and cannot be traded with other players or exchanged with real money.

For countries with less strict gambling regulation, restrictions on Roundel chip can be removed for trading and conversion into real money.

Audience Mode - Players who do not enter a tournament can still participate and watch tournament matches by purchasing a ticket from Ticket Office.
- Event matches held by GM are available for watching as well.
- A separate telecast server will be arranged to support simultaneous connections upto 1000 players.
- Cameras with various angle will be available for game broadcasting channels. Camera selection can be changed with a shortcut key.

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Monster Battle

Monster VS Monster VS Monster
- 3 monsters (including NPC gladiators) fight on their own until the last one remains. Players can bet on which monster is going to win.
- Players can still enjoy the game by watching and betting on monster battles that are held periodically even if there are no weekly tournament matches.
- It's more interesting since it's not 1 vs 1 but 1 vs 1 vs 1, making it more difficult to guess the winner.

Monster VS Player
- This is a challenge mode where 1~4 players fight as a group against monsters such as wolves/lions/elephants/giants/dark gladiators.
- Players can select the level of difficulty.
- Each monster has unique reward tables so that it will encourage players to keep hunting monsters for crafting or enchantment materials.


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