Genesis A.D Game Modes

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Game Modes


Involves escaping from an area by acquiring control devices to activate the Teleporter. Control devices are contained in Mission Boxes. Mission Boxes are found at 4 locations, and the controlling devices are found in one of the boxes. You could find it in one try with luck, but otherwise you may end up having to open all the Mission Boxes.

* Earning Scres

Type Description Earned Score
Kill Point Point earned by killing an opposition player 1
Acquisition of target Point earned by locating and acquiring a target 3
Successful use of teleporter Additional points earned for players who moved by teleporter Number teleported * 3
Annihilation of opposition forces Additional points earned by annihilating the entire opposition 10 Additional Points
Mission Success Points Victory points awarded to the team that successfully completed a Round Mission 15

Carrying out the Team Mission

1. Acquiring the Target (Teleporter activation device)
- To acquire the target in the Mission Box, you must obtain the Teleporter activation device contained inside the Mission Boxes found all over the map

*Note: Boxes found on the map contain items such as Teleporter activation device and energy packs, and any player can acquire them.

2. Activating the Teleporters
- The player who acquires the target has to activate the Teleporter found at two locations in the map, and activate the Teleporter while protected by other team members.

*Note: When the player who acquired the Teleporter activating device is killed, the device is dropped and anyone can pick up the device regardless of the team they belong to.

3. End of Round
- The team that has the control of the Teleporter at the time when the Teleporter timer expires, wins the round.
- When one of the teams is annihilated, the team that annihilated the other team wins the round.
- When the Time Limit expires, the team that has more survivors wins the round.

*Note: Only the winning team is awarded Scores. (when they have satisfied one of the 3 Round conditions described above)

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