Fiesta Online Features

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Fiesta Online is a full 3D cartoon fantasy MMORPG based on brilliant and dynamic cartoon style graphic images. The biggest characteristic of the game is that it can appeal to the users of various age groups and in many countries with the cartoon style graphics.

Concerning the graphics, it applies the cartoon mapping method to create exquisite balance between the fantasy and the real world through the characters with shorter proportions and real-life like backgrounds that are differentiated from existing realistic or SD style games.

Also, Fiesta Online is filled with a number of game content on the basis of basic elements of MMORPG including fighting, leveling, and the battle along with the straight forward interface and simple operation, to allow everyone to have fun. The game's biggest charm is that users can form various and powerful community through the 'Kingdom Quest' 'Master and Pupil System' 'Guild Growing System'. And the 'Mini House ' which is a private space inside the game. Additionally, the 'Weapon Titling' which gives unique title to the weapon with options when a character hunts a certain number of a specific monster using a specific weapon, Pet System, and various mini games have built up the exclusive characteristic of Fiesta Online's game system.


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