Races - Hyur

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Split into Midlander and Highlander types. Midlanders take up the majority of the population and exist throughout the land. The large-framed Highlanders originate from the northern highlands, but following the fall of their capital city of Aramigo have become a rare sight.


The diffrence here, no female character shown on the Highlanders side.


  • Majority of Hyuran, which is has large population.
  • They live in different towns and villages,and their vocations vary.
  • Because of the custom of reading books from the early age, they tend to have relatively bigger percentage of intelligence.


  • They used to live in highlands in northern margin. Highlanders are muscular and big for Hyuran.
  • It became very rare to see them except mercenary males in other cities, after their state city Ala Mhigo fell.

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