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On June 2 (Japan local time), FFXIV was announced at the SCE press conference, which drew the eyes of players from every corner of the world. In the Q&A session followed, the senior vice president of Square Enix, Shinji Hashimoto, the producer Hiromichi Tanaka and the Director Nobuaki Kawamoto accepted the interview to answer some questions that players are generally concerned about. Some of the questions were whether the game would be f2p or p2p, whether there would be versions other than PS3 and PC versions and what kind of differences between FFXI and FFXIV would be, etc.

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Final Fantasy XIV
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The first thing revealed in the Q&A session was that it had been confirmed that there will be FFXIV will be simultaneously launched on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC worldwide, and the developer is also considering the possibility of bringing FFXIV onto other platforms. It was revealed that currently, the XBOX 360 version is under discussion. This is no doubt a good news for FF fans. After all, not all players have or like PS3. But if there are going to be other versions, which one do you prefer?

As for the f2p or p2p question which a lot of people are concerned about, Hiromichi Tanaka revealed that the current plan is to carry on the worldwide cross-regional operation which FFXI currently adopts. However, players' wishes will also be taken into consideration, and f2p (item selling) model is an option as well. If f2p is to be adopted, the first problem to be tackled will be the balance between regional servers. Currently, the number of users on FFXI Bahamut server is rapidly increasing.

As a game series that players all over the world deeply love, the currently confirmed 4-language versions can hardly satisfy all players' needs. When asked if the game would be translated into other languages such as Spanish, Hiromichi Tanaka said that if players strongly insist, other versions will also be considered. Currently, all 4 languages are being developed at the same time so they are short of human power. If suitable translators can be found in Japan, other versions will also be developed.

Final Fantasy XIV
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