Final Fantasy XIV Duty Finder and the Details of Duties

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SQUARE ENIX unveiled the "Duty Finder" which is an invaluable tool that allow players to find party members and tasks befitting the level of ability with ease. The duty finder is basically a cross-server match up system that automatically forms a balanced party for you. You can check here for the details of Duty Finder. The following is the info of Duty System.


There are various challenges await you in the realm of Eorzea, such as quests, FATE, dungeons, and guildhests. Let us check them out in details, what's more, we have "Duty Finder" to help us in the way.

Quests Full Active Time Events Instanced Dungeons Guildhests


The inhabitants of Eorzea are beset by problems both great and small. Learn more of this vast realm by aiding her people.

Intiating Quests - NPCs offering quests can be recognized by the exclamation marks above their heads. Speak with them to see what they would ask of you.

The Duty List - Upon accepting a quest, the current objectives will appear in the duty list on the right side of the screen.

Using the Journal - Clicking on the title will open the quest in your journal, allowing you to reconfirm objectives and rewards.

Obtaining Rewards - Complete a quest by speaking to the NPC with a check mark displayed above his or her head. Doing so will earn you a variety of rewards, from items and gil to experience points.

Growing as an Adventurer - As you complete quests and prove your worth, the people of Eorzea will entrust you with greater responsibilities. Lend your strength to those in need and become a true hero.

Tip: Varieties of Quests - There are various kinds of quests that an adventurer may undertake.

  • Main Quest: In periods of great change, even a lone individual has the potential to influence the course of history. If given such an opportunity, how will you choose to act?
  • Side Quest: While some tasks are not of realm-shaking importance, by completing one of these duties, you may make a profound difference in the life of an Eorzean.
  • Class and Job Quests: You may encounter challenges that require you to employ your unique talents. Complete these trials to hone your skills and gain new abilities in your chosen profession.

Full Active Time Events

During your adventures in Eorzea, your skill at arms may be called upon when you least expect it—you may come upon a Full Active Time Event (FATE). Should you wish to rise to the challenge, you can participate simply by entering the fray.

Discovering a Fate - Making your way through the Black Shroud, you hear a clamor in the distance. Your senses warn you that something is amiss...
When you sense a FATE nearby, a message will appear on your screen, and the location will be displayed on your map.

Joining a Fate - Approaching the source of the commotion, you find a band of sentries fending off ferocious raptors. The sentries are outnumbered, and are in a bad way.
You will automatically join a FATE the moment you cross the event threshold. At this time, the FATE title, objectives, and time remaining will appear in your duty list。

Fighting in a Fate - Without a moment's hesitation, you jump to their aid. Encouraged by your lead, other adventurers begin to join the fray. The tide of battle turns.
You may join a FATE at any time, whether alone or in a party, as long as you show up before it ends.

Completing a Fate - The raptors are vanquished, and the day is won. After splitting the spoils, you part ways with the others and resume your journey.
Once a FATE is complete, rewards are distributed to all participants. These rewards are allocated based not only on success, but on individual contributions.

Varieties of Fate - Ravenous beasts may be trying to make a meal of travelers. Bandits may have holed up in an abandoned outpost. A gargantuan fiend may be wreaking havoc in a hamlet. Indeed, there are countless ways for adventurers to help the people of Eorzea. Together with like-minded souls, you can cooperate to achieve a common goal.

Episodic Fate

Instanced Dungeons

An adventurer is only as strong as the company he keeps. Join forces with stout comrades to overcome the dangers that lurk the realm's darkest recesses, from haunted mansions and burial grounds to abandoned mines and hidden hamlets.

Tam-tara Deepcroft

A malevolent force lingers in the Black Shroud, and the dead have grown restless in this subterranean burial site. The evil here must be purged, that the souls of the departed may know peace once more.

Sastasha Seagrot

The grotto is said to be a safe haven for pirates looking to remain beyond the reach of justice. However, these grasping rogues have been emboldened by powerful new allies, and would scheme to command the seas of Eorzea.

Copperbell Mines

But recently reopened to meet the burgeoning demand for ore, an unforseen accident has necessitated the mine's closure. What manner of danger could have forced the miners to flee in terror?

Haukke Manor

Horribly scarred during the Calamity, a fallen beauty has taken refuge here, that none may gaze upon her now twisted figure. Whispers say she has paid a terrible price to reclaim what was taken from her.


Formerly the training grounds of Coliseum champions, Halatali has since been given over to wild fiends. It will take more than an ordinary champion to tame these bloodthirsty creatures.

Brayflox's Longstop

Nestled deep within the wilds of eastern La Noscea, this goblin settlement is ever at the mercy of savage wildlife. Its denizens would greatly welcome the aid of brave adventurers to bring a semblance of peace to their lives.


In aiding the people of Eorzea, adventurers are often challenged with tasks of great import. Some tasks, however, are too dangerous to be handled alone. To that end, the Adventurers' Guild would bid you partake in small-scale operations known as guildhests. Band together with staunch comrades, and through steadfast teamwork, you may overcome even the most daunting hardships.

Make Haste to the Battlefield - Guildhests may be undertaken by speaking with NPCs known as battlewardens. Upon accepting a guildhest, party members will be immediately transported to the battleground. As this is an instanced area, you can focus on the task at hand free of outside distractions.

Heed the Guidance of the Battlewarden - From bombs and barricades to poisonous pollens, the challenges found within guildhests are as varied as the enemies. When faced with certain obstacles, the battlewarden who accompanies players in the field will offer advice that may prove vital to victory.

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