Fantasy Frontier Features Preview

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Fantasy Frontier is the latest title developed by Taiwanese Developer, X-Legend, which is well-known for its games such as Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal.

Game Features

The game story of Fantasy Frontier is not only about the conversations, but also cut scenes, from which players can experience the emotions and everything happen in the fantasy world.

Players can have different combat styles by using different primary and secondary weapons. Different weapons have different skills, some of them are for damage and some are for healing. With the different combination of weapons, the skill combos will be more free and diverse.

There are many gods in Fantasy Frontier, the gods have unique combat skills, and they have memories, the gods will keep players company on the way and tell players interesting things during adventure. Check here for the list of gods and their skills.

According to The Way of Adventure system, you can learn passive skills to build up your unique ability. You might be able to learn powerful combination skills of two weapons. So no matter what you want to be, a damage dealer or a healer, it all depends on yourself.

The effect of the same skill will be various when used by different players. By using hero's ultimate players can add different effects like dizziness to skills.

As the casual part, players can wear all kinds of outfits in the game, it will not be limited by the weapon that players choose at the beginning of the game. Heavy armor or robe, just choose one you like. They all can be gained from game for free.

Game interface is clean and tide, it will be easier for players to operate. And when weapon enhancement failed, the weapon will not be broke or disappeared, you even can get free item mall points to buy rare items.

Do the features sound fun? If yes, please keep an eye on mmosite, we will share more info about the game to you guys.

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