Triple-A Fantasy MMORPG ELOA Feature Overview

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The Triple-A Fantasy MMORPG ELOA (Elite Lord of Alliance) is an anime-inspired fantasy action MMORPG, with both point-and-click and keyboard controls. Players can venture through a gorgeous wide open world of towns, fields, dungeons and raids, experience exciting and thrilling action combat mechanics. WEBZEN has signed a publishing agreement for ELOA with the developer NPICSOFT and planned to launch ELOA at the end of 2015.


Players will start by choosing one of 5 playable classes among 4 races. Each class has access to 3 stances and skills that players can easily switch between during combat.



A warrior is a proud, skilled melee combatant with a sharp sword and a stout suit of armor who fights in the name of honor and chivalry. His drive, determination, and fighting spirit allow him to control the battlefield in ways that others cannot match. Warrior focuses on strength for most of their defensive feats and their aggressive feats.

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The mage is an all around class, and a well-equipped mage can tackle a wide range of situations. Although not quite as easy as being a melee fighter, a mage can be far more powerful than any warrior. The different magical schools give mages a lot of versatility: destruction to obliterate foes, enchanting to ameliorate apparel, illusion to hide themselves or trick others, and restoration to heal their wounds.

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Archer skills are mostly arrow attacks. As its skills get improved, Archer learns to vary its arrows to trap, stun, and pick off whole batches of choice targets. Archers also have escape skills to avoid taking damage, and an array of traps that immobilize, poison, or just plain explode their enemies.

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If a player doesn't want to focus on dealing damage, they can become a Healer instead and focus on supporting themselves and their parties during battle. All skills that buff the party also buff the caster, unless stated otherwise. All skills' effects are based on the caster's attributes at the time of casting, not on the attributes of other party members.

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NARU is an assassin-type class. She is expert in attacking rival in invisible status, and the buff effect of her can help teammate a lot.

Featured Systems

There are two key featured systems in ELOA, including the spawn system and the guild stock system.

Firstly, players can summon an AI-controlled spawn character who will help them by teaming up to fight. Summonable spawn characters can be acquired from the in-game item shop, where you can find two kinds of spawn characters, paid or free.

The guild stock system is another interesting feature in ELOA. A guild can issue stocks to raise funds from other players. They can use the funds to equip themselves and dominate villages in the game. Once the guild successfully dominates a village, the value of their stocks will raise so that the investors will get good rewards.

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