ELOA Pet System

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Pet System is very common in MMORPGs because most hardcore MMO players prefer to have a companion who has many unique and useful skills and can give stat bonuses.


Pets play a vital part in Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA) and there are a variety of pets available in it. Just like weapons and armor, there are 5 rarities of pets, Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, Legendary for players.


Pets can be obtained from Eggs, which are dropped throughout the world and can be bought from merchants and obtained as rewards. The rarity of the Egg will correspond with the rarity of the resulting pet. Certain eggs will spawn certain pets; for example, a 'Spore Egg' will spawn one of the many spore pets. There are many different eggs, and even more pets, so find as many as you can!

Growing a Pet

To grow a pet and level it up, you must sacrifice other pets to it. Open your pet tab(default 'L') and click 'Grow'. Put the pet you would like to grow in the main slot, and any sacrificial pets in the 'Growth ingredients' slots. The higher level and rarity the sacrificial pet is, the more experience it will offer to the growing pet.

As a pet grows, it will gain stronger passive skills.


Pet Fusion

When two pets reach level 10, they can be fused together with a chance of gaining a rarer, stronger pet.



If you have two unique pets of the same type, they can be evolved into a stronger version of the pet, or a possible Legendary pet. However this process is pricey, and might be failed (resulting in losing one of the pets). At least one of these pets must be level 10.

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