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Eden Eternal's class system is composed of 5 branches, each with 2-3 classes. Every 10 levels or so, you'll unlock another playable class. The best part? Once unlocked, your character can freely swap between each class! Switch from Warrior to Illusionist to Bard and back again, no worries. Did you defend a party member in battle as a Knight, only to find they are now low on HP? Simply transform into a Cleric and cast a Healing spell! Free class transformations infinitely deepen Eden Eternal's gameplay experience.

Begin your adventure as a Warrior or Magician. As you progress, you'll unlock up to 10 additional playable classes. Each branch has a set of unique skills available to all the branch classes, in addition to the set of class skills. Read about each branch in this section.

It's important to note that your class level is separate from your character level. Your active class levels up whenever your character levels up.

Melee DPS

Melee DPS classes excel at close-range, direct combat. Nimble and agile, Melee DPS characters are light on their feet yet pack a serious punch. Choose the Thief, Martial Artist or the Blade Dancer, and don't forget to use your Melee DPS branch skills to swiftly and powerfully strike multiple enemies at once.

Icon Function Detail
Slam Increases P-ATK. If you deal damage while the Sonic Cut is on the target, you gain a chance to knock the target down.
Encourage Increases your Double Hit rate and STR.
Fury Hit Increase P-ATK and strikes all nearby targets. Also decreases their ATK SPD and Cast SPD.
Sonic Cut Deal per second damage on target, stacks up to 5 times.
Fast Shadow Increases your EVA points.

Ranged DPS

Pick a Ranged DPS class for long-distance sharp shooting. These classes deal damage from afar with various ranged weapons. Take out enemies one by one, before they even know you're there. Your options are Hunter or Engineer, each with a unique set of weapons and skills. Use your Ranged branch skills to further boost your epic sharpshooting.

Icon Function Detail
Precise Shot Increases P-ATK. Inflicts damage and decreases Move SPD on a target.
Eagle Increases ACC and ATK SPD.
Kneecapped Prevents target from moving and increases damage taken by target.
Perforation Inflicts per second damage to a target, and lowers target's MP.
Wild Will Increases CRIT Rate.

Magic DPS

Powerful sorcerers make up the Magic DPS class. While not the strongest or fiercest of creatures, characters in the Magic DPS class cast some definitively wicked spells. Both the Magician and Illusionist practice arcane magic- casting destructive hexes and curses, and maneuvering the elements at their whim.

Icon Function Detail
Fire Bomb Increases M-ATK. Deals Fire damage to a target with a chance to Stun the enemy.
Winter Chill Deals Ice damage per second and reduces target Move SPD. Stacks up to 3 times.
Dimensional Jump Teleports caster forward and increases caster's EVA points.
Lightning Web Increases M-ATK. Deals Lightning damage to all nearby targets.
Magic Boost Increase INT and Cast SPD.


The Healer/Support branch benefits other party members with healing abilities and spells that boost certain skills. Each member of the Healer/Support class also possesses their own unique combat flare. Pick the Cleric, Bard or Shaman for Healing and Support.

Icon Function Detail
Earth Shock Increases M-ATK. Deals Nature damage to a target with a chance to lower target ACC.
Cure Heals target a certain number of HP, depending on skill level.
Revive Brings dead player back to life. Also reduces death EXP penalties. Cannot be cast in combat.
Tornado Increases M-ATK. Deals Nature damage to all nearby enemies.
Prevention Randomly removes one debuff from target. Reduces damage taken.


Melee/Defense classes (aka Tanks) are excellent at protecting weaker party members during combat. Able to withstand more damage than other classes, the Melee/Defense branch blasts close range damage, while at the same distracting enemies from targeting other party members. Your tank options are the Warrior and Knight.

Icon Function Detail
Deep Impact Increases P-ATK. If you deal damage while the lade Damage is placed on target, you have a chance to knock the target down.
Provoke Increase P-ATK, distracting target to attack you. Also causes target to take additional damage for short duration.
Combat Cyclone Increase P-ATK and strikes all nearby targets.
Destroyer Inflicts damage every 2 seconds and reduces target's EVA. Stacks up to 3 times.
Declaration of Anger Increases Malice caused by attacks and reduces P-DMG taken.

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