Earth Eternal FAQ

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What is Earth Eternal?

EE is a high-quality 3d MMORPG. It takes place in an epic fantasy world full of fantastical monsters, beautiful environments, and whimsical touches.

When will Earth Eternal release?

Sometime during the summer of 2007. That's as specific as we can get right now. If you want, sign up for the newsletter on the front page and we'll let you know when it opens, and as developments come along.

Can I apply to be an alpha or beta tester?

Funny that you should ask! Yes. Yes you can. Just sign up for the newsletter on the front page and you will automatically be in the running for a testing spot when we're ready to take testers.

Why is the MMO called Earth Eternal?

The world of Earth Eternal is a kind of fantasy Earth. It incorporates real-world elements that range from Egyptian Gods to Arthurian legend to the saga of Beowulf. In other words, while Earth Eternal is loosely based on themes from the real-world, virtually everything has our own spin on it. For instance, in EE, most of the Greek and Norse Gods were slain by extra-dimensional Sphinxes acting in concert with Anubis, Egyptian God of Death.

What kind of gameplay does Earth Eternal have?

EE's gameplay is classic in the best sense of the word. If you've played Dungeons & Dragons, or Runescape, or World of Warcraft, you will find it very familiar, though with some of our own unique twists.

What character races are available to play as?

We haven't finalized the list yet, but they are all animals who walk upright, called Beasts. In Earth Eternal, Beasts existed long before mankind rose and exist now, thousands of years after mankind destroyed himself. Some races you will certainly see, however, are:

Bandicoon: Think raccoons. Sly, stealthy.

Taurian: Minotaurs, essentially. Stalwart and powerful.

Ursine: Bears that walk upright. Strongest of the races.

Foxicus: You can probably guess this one. Clever and sneaky.

Atavian: Humanoid hawks. A proud race.

All in all, we will release with between 8 and 10 races.

Does Earth Eternal have classes like World of Warcraft?

Yes it has classes, but not in the same sense that WoW does. In Earth Eternal, you'll pick a primary class, but after a certain point, you'll be free to start learning the abilities in the other classes, though your character will not advance as quickly in those classes.

What classes will Earth Eternal have?

When EE is released, it will have four classes: Warrior, Mage, Druid, and Sneak. As noted above though, you are not limited to abilities within your class. If you've ever wanted to be that high-level badass who can do everything well, Earth Eternal is your game.

What are Groves?

Groves are private areas controlled by players like you. Each Grove will have an above-ground area and a below-ground area. Groves will be readily available and most players will have Groves.

What can I do with a Grove?

A Grove does a few things for you. First, it serves as a private refuge. You can allow whomever you want to enter your Grove, and you can bar anyone you wish from your Grove. Second, you can decorate your Grove with a wide variety of items ranging from furniture to plants. Finally, your Grove will store certain items for you that will increase your power when you're out adventuring in the world.

What the heck is Iron Realms?

Iron Realms Entertainment, or IRE as we are sometimes known, is a completely independent MMO development company that's spent the last decade developing text MMORPGs (or MUDs as they are sometimes known). If you want to learn more about us, check out our corporate site here, and check out our other games here.

So many MMOs run out of money before release. Will you?

No. We're completely funded, to the point where we can release and then operate for months with absolutely no revenue if need be. Earth Eternal will be released, period.

Will I have to pay to play Earth Eternal?

Absolutely not. Iron Realms has always been committed to providing a free play experience for its users. There will be the chance to purchase small upgrades that will enhance your experience in Earth Eternal, but we will never require people to pay to play our games.

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