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Diao Chan

One of the most beautiful women in all of China. At the request of her father, she infiltrates the palace of Dong Zhuo, gains the tyrant’s favor, and creates a rift between him and Lu Bu. She is ultimately successful in ending the reign of Zhuo.

Dong Zhuo

A corrupt and tyrannical warlord who seizes the imperial palace and usurps the throne by manipulating the final Han emperor. He is motivated by greed and desires to transform the land into his personal paradise.

Lu Bu

The most feared warrior in all the land. Storming into the fray atop his steed, Red Hare, the mighty Lu Bu is practically unstoppable. His combat prowess is legendary and he has yet to meet his equal in battle.

Meng Huo

The short tempered Meng Huo is a loyal defender of his people against the northern invaders. Although he is King of the Nanman tribe, his wife, Zhu Rong, wields the most power and influence between the two.

Yuan Shao

A proud nobleman and general who leads the allied forces of Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian, and others, against the tyrant Dong Zhuo. He thinks highly of himself and has little regard for his subordinates.

Zhang Jiao

A mysterious sorcerer and leader of the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Along with his brothers, Zhang Jiao foments an uprising that thrusts all of China into chaos. The Han Dynasty is never able to recover.

Zhu Rong

A beautiful and ferocious warrior queen who leads the defense of the Nanman tribe against the Wei, Shu, and Wu armies. Often, she must take the reins from her inept husband in the interests of her homeland.

Zuo Ci

A strange mystic who hails from origins unknown. Zuo Ci travels the countryside, searching for the land’s greatest hero. Although he appears old and frail, Zuo Ci possesses incredible power.

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