Dungeon Striker Class Skills

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Dungeon Striker, the latest action RPG title from Eyedentity Games, is project developed under the goal of making an easy and entertaining game for those who enjoy action RPGs. There are 4 basic classes in Dungeon Striker: Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Cleric. Have a look at four classes' skills.


Icon Name Type Description
Hurricane Active skill Pull up your sword to release a powerful tornado to hurt the enemy
Physical Robust Self-Buff/Passive skill Necessary to survive in every battle - buffs up your defense
Great Impact Active skill Creates a whirlwind sucking mobs in, then impacts down causing enemy to faint


Icon Name Type Description
Arrow Rain Active skill Shoots rain of arrows into the sky crashing down in a wide range dealing huge damage to enemies
Trap Shot Active skill Lays a trap on the ground - when an enemy walks on the trap, automatically hits the enemy
Wind Evasion Survival/Active skill Jump and tumble in the air to evade enemy's attacks for a fixed duration of the time


Icon Name Type Description
Frozen Blast Active skill Create a cold shockwave around you, blasting enemies away and dealing damage
Fireball Active skill Launches a meteor, which explodes around the target dealing fire damage in a small area
Strike Lightning Active skill Launches a meteor, which explodes around the target dealing fire damage in a small area


Icon Name Type Description
Heal Active skill Heals whole the party within 8 meter radius by the fixed amount of HP
Divine shield Buff/Active skill Gives a buff within a 10 meter radius that increases whole party's defense and damage
Judgement Active skill Creates an sacred area, pushing out the enemies, weakening their battle abilities and dealing additional damage

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