Drift City: City

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General Infomation

This is the Message Window.
  Any normal text you submit will be seen by all users who are currently in the same city. To enable or disable display of certain types of text, check or uncheck the boxes at the top of the Message Window. To resize the Message Window, click the Left or Right arrows at the upper right corner of the Message Window. To hide the Message Window, click the [X] at the upper left corner of the Message Window, or press the F9 key.

This is the GPS Map.

  The yellow arrow indicates your position. Red arrows indicate HUVs. Q's indicate destination points. A's indicate Delivery Service checkpoints. To view the full Map at any time, press the M key.

This is your Gauge HUD.
  The HUD displays the following: Your Speed, RPMs, Transmission, Gear, Booster Gauge, and Mittron reserves.

This is the Function Key Menu display.
  Use the F1~F8 keys to bring up the desired menu.

This is the Experience Bar.
  It displays your character's current level, and also a percentage indicating your progress toward reaching the next level.

This is the onboard MP3 player.
  To use it, make sure that your MP3 files are stored in the correct folder!

These are your optional items.
  Press the 1 or 2 key to use them.

Your first duty as an OMD Driver is to complete missions for the OMD government. When you complete missions, you will be rewarded with Experience and Mito. OMD Missions are assigned at the various Stations throughout the cities. When you are designated to a certain Station, follow the Station staff person's instructions.

Instant Missions
At any time while you're out in the city, the main Operator assigned to you will call you with special Instant Missions that you can accept on the fly. Some missions can be completed at any time after you accept, but some require immediate action.

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