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Game Profile

The Sons of the Dragon

At the beginning of time, the god Zebus created the mysterious Dragoon Continent.A vast land of great mountains and deserts, and inhabited by with the 8 Great Clans. Among the Clans, the Dragon Clan was superior, possessing great wisdom and understanding, as well as the ability to ascend to the heavens and to swim in the sea. Most importantly, they possessed immense magical power. The greatest force in the Dragon Clan was the Dragon Lord, who controlled 8 legendary Rune Stones. It was said that whosoever controlled these 8 Rune Stones controlled the fate of the 8 Clans.

For centuries, the Dragon clan was favored in the eyes of the Zebus, yet they did not rule unjustly over the other 7 clans. However, the Human Clan seemed weak and insignificant in a world where "survival of the fittest" held sway. All this changed with the birth of King Lutanius, a mighty Human who was also richly blessed by Zebus.

King Lutanius, the Wizard Handrake and 8 courageous warriors were eager to fight for the Human Clan's freedom and to overturn the Dragon Lord's dominance over the Clans in Dragoon. Thus began the great Battle of the Autumn Oracle, which ended when King Lutanius decimated the Dragon Lord's forces. However, King Lutanius was still not satisfied and pursued the fleeing Dragon Lord across the continent. Unfortunately, the period of Autumn Oracle ended before King Lutanius was able to kill the Dragon Lord.

After the battle, King Lutanius became the new owner of 7 Rune Stones, and the missing Dragon Rune still remained in Dragon Lord's clutches. The Wizard Handrake wanted to change the destiny of the 8 Clans with all of the Rune Stones, thereby redeeming the fallen nature of the clans and creating a new world order. King Lutanius violently objected to the unnatural alteration of destiny and destroyed the 7 Rune Stones without seeking Handrake's advice.

Full of rage and bitterness, Handrake abandoned King Lutanius and sought out the Dragon Lord, for he possesed the final remaining Rune Stone. The Dragon Lord was hiding in the Great Maze when Handrake found him. They immediately joined forces. The Dragon Lord revealed that the 8 Rune Stones possessed great power and maintained the balance of good and evil forces in the Dragoon Continent.

The Dragon Lord and the Wizard Handrake sought to end the ongoing battle between the Human and Dragon Clans, and decided to use the last Rune Stone to create the Dragon Anointing Ambrosia. A mystical liquid that was formed from the Dragon Anointing Ritual and then used upon the Dragon Raja, the ruling baron of the Dragon Clan at that time. It was promised that the Dragon Anointing Ambrosia would be sealed within the bloodlines of the Dragon Raja's family for the next 300 hundred years, giving them great honor and responsibility on the Dragoon Continent. Thus did the mighty god Zebus vanish from the new land of Dragoon, which was christened with the name: Bias needs changing.

It has been 315 years since the founding of needs changing. The land is divided into North: the mighty mountains Harmonia, South: the dry desert Jaipun, East: the rolling coastland, Lineills, and in the Center, the great Plains of needs changing.

Over the years, the battle between needs changing and Jaipun has never ended and the two forces have become exhausted. The Jaipun warriors who trained in the desert possess very strong combat abilities as well as the strongest mental powers among all of the other warrior castes. On the other hand, the warriors of Bias are greatly dependent on the might of Dragon Raja. Jaipun's warriors greatly fear the Dragon Raja and even the mere shadow of the Dragon Raja would deter them from fighting. Dragon Raja was the balancing force in all of the battles, fulfilling the intentions of his creation by the Wizard Handrake and the Dragon Lord.

This is the place where many heroes will rise towards a common goal, and this is the point where the Dragon Raja must be forced to face his destiny.

The Classes


Warriors are the master of combat. They have high damage, high CON which allows them to use heavy armor and are good with melee weapons. The warriors have very limited spell-casting abilities and are also slow moving. The warriors usually act as the tank for the party.


Wizards are great for mass damage. They have the ability to deal high damage over a wide area and hit multiple targets with a single spell. Wizards are physically weak and require mana to cast spells. They also need to memorize their spells first. Although they are physically weak, their ability to attack multiple targets allows them to gain experience points and level up faster.


Priest are the most defensive and protective class. They can cast heal and protection spells. He can resurrect dead players as well. Although priests have many great powers, they have slow spell casting and deal moderate amounts damage.


Archers are experts with bows and long range weapons. They have the highest damage potential among the classes. Archers also have access to special skills to set traps and detect traps. Due to their low CON, archers have low hit points and a low armor class (AC). Archers are great for sniping.


Thieves make good scouts as they have very high MOVP which allows them to move very fast. They also have special skills to steal from monsters as well as setting and detecting traps. Their damage are lower than an archer but has better armor class (AC) than archers.

The Nations

Vyseus'es Great King Rutherino, entering his Autumn of Magic stood forth against the Dragon Lords rule for freedom. The fated meeting of the Grand Wizard Handrake and Ruhterino the great king led to the freedom and establishment of the Vyseus Kingdom.

The Duchy of YIlse

8 Knights move down the dragon road with the Great King Rutherino. YIlse was one of the 8 Knights his achievements were recognized and he received the eastern areas faith. He then appointed a grand duke, after the northern conquest of the great king Erined; his country was allowed independents.


The greatest mercenary in history, Messinin Piress also known as the "Son of the Ocean" led his forces out into the southeast to Redaguhno Empire, which was the greatest human empire in history; thus establishing the Zypern Kingdom.

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