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The stats for the skills below come from the level one versions of the skills during the second beta and may change in future releases of the game. The skills are sorted based on level requirement and the names attributed to almost all of the skills were created by fans and are in no way official.

Due to the limited nature of the closed beta we were unable to get stats for higher levels of these skills. When you upgrade your skills no additional special effects are applied, the numbers are just increased. Using this guide: you can match the numbers with the words around them and determine exactly what the higher levels of these skills will look like without knowing any Korean.

Human - Martial Artists

The Martial Artist is a Human class that specializes primarily in close ranged physical combat, but still has a few Ki based ranged attacks in his/her arsenal. At level 30 the Martial Artist may choose either the Fighter or the Swordsman as his/her Master Class. After you meet the requirements for a skill and have at least 1 skill point you can buy the skill at a Martial Artist tutor (not all Martial Artist tutors sell all skills though).

Human - Spiritualists

Dancers specialize in Strike Capability, and Buffing / Debuffing opponents. They have no healing abilities and are very limited in terms of ranged attacks. Dancers also make decent tanks.

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Namekian - Dragon Clan

The Namekian of the Dragon Clan is a class that specializes primarily in healing and ranged spiritual damage and is the only class to start with a weapon (the staff). At level 30 the Dragon Clan member may choose either to be a Supporter or a Combatant as his/her Master Class. After you meet the requirements for a skill and have at least 1 skill point you can buy the skill at a Dragon Clan tutor (not all Dragon Clan tutors sell all skills though).

Namekian - Warrior

This class is lack of information, just get some skills icons and names showing bollow.

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Majin - Strange Majin

Strange Majins are the exact opposite. Posessing powerful energy and spiritual power, instead of increasing the power of their allies, Strange Majins focus on weakening the enemy. Poisoning them, immobilizing them, decreasing their stats, lowering the enemy force's abilities and making them easy prey for their teammates. Or, simply getting ready to finish them off with a powerful energy strike of their own. The Master Classes for this group are Plasma Majin and Karma Majin.

Majin - Large Majin

Large Majins are powerful melee fighters, able to hold their own in physical combat, but also have the distinction of being able to heal and buff themselves and others with them. Though most effective as a healing class, since they're very strong, and able to increase their own abilities using buffs, these Majins can still prove powerful in combat. Their two Master Classes are known as Ultimate Majin, and Grand Chef Majin.

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