Dragona Classes

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Human Classes


This is a job in which a thick titanium armor is worn and an ethereal blaster is used that can launch a wide range magical attacks using magic scrolls. Their skills are polished and refined from numerous battlefields which gives their comrades the faith that they will triumph. These soldiers fearlessly go around the front lines in any battlefield to play the leading roles of the war.

Features of Gunners

Because the Gunners wear a heavy armor made by fully utilizing Dwarven technology completely trust in its powerful defensive power, they can fearlessly charge into any battlefield.

The only weakness of the ethereal blaster is its short range compared to normal magic and bow and arrow. But the powerful defensive power of the armor made by Dwarf craftsman covers the downside of this.

The ethereal blaster, called the most advanced magical weapon, deals heavy damage to multiple enemies in the front and rear, and even discovers enemies in hiding and annihilates them. Their shields stop enemy attacks on the front lines, and raises their defensivepower.

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The snipers who lay hidden prefer light armor which enables them tomove swiftly in the battlefield. The cannon they use accelerates the death-commanding rounds using a mana generator, and shoots the rounds through a long slim barrel. It can accurately hit enemies much farther away than the bow and arrow or normalmagic.

Features of Snipers

The long-ranged ethereal blaster turned snipers into the grim reapers of the battlefield, because this weapon can damage major enemy targets even when they are back behind their own front lines.

Since they can turn their stamina into mana or vice versa, their ability to respond to constant attack and emergency situations is superb.

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Kali Classes


The Guardians wear a mithril scale armor embodying their ancestors. Since their armor was developed during the Dragon Era, it has become the masterpiece of Dwarven craftsman. It is thin, solid, enables freemovement, and has very good defensive power. The enormous long swords wielded by Guardians are sacred tools guiding them to reach their star. The Kalis give everything to search for their star,with great emphasis on honor and pride.

Features of Guardians

Guardians who engage in close combat with their enormous long sword take retreating as a disgrace. It is their pride to reap victory first and foremost in the front lines of the battlefield or the first to fall. Such bravery leaves their enemies trembling in fear. The great sword wielded by a Guardian doesn’t just slice through the body of their foe.

It cuts down the morale of their enemies to make them retreat, with just a single stroke of their immense sword, which can also open up an escape-route for friendly forces. Because of this, if you were to ask veteran soldiers where the safest place on the battlefield is, they won’t hesitate to say that it is in the frontlines behind the backs of Guardians where they can hear the breath of the enemies.

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The agile suits made of dragon’s skin makes the fatal attraction of an Assassin stand out all the more. Having to make surprise attacks on enemy supply troops or assassinating their enemy commander, an Assassin doesn’t wear cumbersome outfits as it engages covertly and swiftly. For this reason, their suit is very tight and once seen from out of the shadows, it is rumored to reveal their sensual body.

Features of Assassins

On the battlefield, even their comrades are unable to identify them. Assassins observe the battlefield thoroughly and meticulously while hiding in the shadows of enemy or friendly forces, and then, they finish off their enemy the instant their power is needed themost.

Their Chakram cuts off the enemy’s tendons and neutralizes them, paralyzing their five senses so that they are unable to even fight back. Their fatal attack doesn't even give the enemy a chance to feel pain. Assassins are full of pride. They are just as strict on themselves as they are merciless to their enemies. Turning their own blood into venom instilled with powerful mana while enduring pain worse than death, the female Kalis deal damage to nearby enemies by spraying their blood or instigating panic by spreading the fog of blood.

Assassins will sacrifice everything including themselves for victory. To them, battle is a beautiful dance, a noble sacrifice, and a pilgrimage to follow the guidance of the stars.

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Eldin Classes


Eldins communicate with nature and cast magic with aurora gems as their catalyst. For this reason, Eldin Rangers use a tunic with an aurora gem embedded on it. Rangers are always rational and cool-headed and do not get into unnecessary fights. Instead, they calmly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their enemies and that of their friendly forces, with a sharp perspective. By shooting a piercing arrow at the right time and place, they can turn the tide toward their own forces.

Features of Rangers

Rangers are located in the rear of their forces on the battlefield. They can start a warning fire to prevent enemy assaults, or monitor themso that enemy troops cannotmake a surprise attack.

Because Rangers can hit multiple enemies with a shower of arrows or deal a critical hit with a precise shot, they have become the core support firepower in large battlefields. Also, since the the Yaksias following the Rangers can cast magic on the Ranger arrows or cast special magic to paralyze the enemies, a Ranger can escape from a critical moment by slowing down the enemy with ice arrows, or against Assassins targeting them, or tie up enemies by shooting snare arrows.

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Since Magicians protect themselves using the magical powers from aurora gems, they prefer to wear thin robes conducive for concentration over thickmagical armor. According to legend, the ancestors of Eldins who were greatly admired by dragons were granted a sacred duty to monitor the resurrection of Jurtan, and in order to carry this out, they are said to have learned some Draconicmagic.

Features of Magicians

The ultra-destruction magic of a Magician with an addition of Draconic magic is the ultimate firepower. Magicians can use all types of magic, from simple magic dealing physical damage with a mana field, to powerful spells for summoningmeteor showers.

Though they have low HP and weak defense, it is not a big problem for them because the magic cast by Magicians does not allow enemies to approach them at all. They can also play around with enemies by a simple hand gesture in various ways such as slowing them down, causing them to hallucinate, or trapping the enemy by summoning magical snares. Making enemies slow down with Draconic magic by interfering with the mana field and then summoning a meteor shower is notorious as one of their most brilliant yet most brutal arsenals of magic.

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