DotA 2 Agility Heroes

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Str: 19 + 2.00
Agi: 23 + 2.20
Int: 23 + 2.20

Spectre is complex melee fighter with a unique series of special attack skills. She's able to Desolate opponents for pure damage if she catches them alone. She can also Disperse incoming damage, deflecting it into the area around her. She can hurl a Spectral Dagger at opponents, slowing and damaging enemies while at the same time allowing her to pass through material objects and travel across any terrain. Her ultimate weapon though, and the thing that sets her apart from all others, is her Haunt ability. She should be feared as a constant presence, being able to Haunt all enemy heroes on the battlefield at once, appearing out of nowhere to harass and confuse an entire enemy force, no matter where they are on the map. Haunt is a great strategy tool, as she can then take over one of her phantom images to physically enter a fight at the location that give her best advantage.

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Str: 15 + 1.50
Agi: 14 + 2.50
Int: 15 + 1.80

Although Weaver may be fragile, he more than counters this weakness with constant bursts of speed and invisibility, along with the ability to periodically deal double damage on attack. He is the master of in, out, and back in. He sends out swarms of beetles which latch onto foes to damage and create chaos.

The beetles also reduce his prey's armor, making them vulnerable to team attacks. Finally, Weaver can Time Lapse into the recent past, returning him to the location, as well as to levels of health and mana, that he'd been at 5 seconds prior. Weaver is a paradox--quick and agile, extremely hard to kill due to Time Lapse, but also fragile if caught off guard.

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Vengeful Spirit

Str: 16 + 2.30
Agi: 27 + 2.35
Int: 16 + 1.75

Vengeful Spirit is so driven to seek revenge against her foes that she will sacrifice herself if it gives an advantage to her team. Her Magic Missiles stun and damage targets. Releasing Wave of Terror, she exposes an oncoming enemy while shredding its armor and dulling its ability to damage. Her lust for vengeance is contagious: nearby allies feel compelled to deal more damage. Even though she is not a particularly tough or agile hero, she will Swap her position with a key enemy or allied hero in an instant, disregarding her own safety for a promise of sweet revenge.

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Str: 18 + 1.85
Agi: 22 + 2.60
Int: 15 + 1.75

Venomancer is a hideous monstrosity who casts an assortment of toxins to bring down his enemies. He uses a fast Venomous Gale attack to project his poison at all enemies in a narrow path in front of him, slowing victims greatly and dealing damage over time. His attacks are coated with Poisonous Stingers that both slow and damage afflicted enemies. He can summon Plague Wards to do his bidding-deploying them either far out in front of him to scout, or in the heart of the bloody battle itself, to fight and weaken enemies.

The wards can also be used to push and block off routes of attack or escape. His ultimate attack, Poison Nova, unleashes a potent toxin in a large ring around his body, infecting everyone it hits, dealing large damage, but over a long time. Though this toxin isn't lethal, every other poison he carries is. He is exceptional at weakening enemies, and slowing them down so that they don't stand a chance in team fights.

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Str: 17 + 1.85
Agi: 20 + 2.75
Int: 17 + 1.65

Mirana is known for her deadly Arrow, whose stunning impact is greater the farther it has flown. With Starstorm, she can call a deadly rain of stars upon enemies. Her agile mount's Leap carries her swiftly out of ambushes, or lets her swiftly close the distance to a fleeing prey, while gracing her allies with the shared gift of speed. Her ultimate, Moonlight Shadow, enables her to briefly render her entire team invisible, useful for surprise attacks as well as for retreat. Always hard to trap, Mirana is most feared when she is the one doing the hunting.

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Drow Ranger

Str: 17 + 1.90
Agi: 22 + 1.90
Int: 15 + 1.40

Drow Ranger is a highly versatile fighter. She provides constant support for her team: pinning the enemies with Frost Arrows, Silencing them to prevent magical retaliation. Her passive Precision Aura and Marksmanship abilities enhance her natural agility, and make her a welcome addition to any team. A good archer keeps her distance, kiting constantly to keep an enemy under the pressure of a continual barrage, but never gets close enough for them to harm her. This is Drow in her element.

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Str: 16 + 1.70
Agi: 21 + 2.90
Int: 21 + 2.90

While relatively weak in close ranged combat, Sniper can be deadly from a distance. His frequent Headshots, delivered with terrifying accuracy, cause disruption and heavy damage. He can also attack from great distances as he masters long-range aiming with his trusty sniper rifle. Combine these two skills with the unrivaled projectile velocity of bullets, and it doesn't take long to appreciate his unparalleled knack for last-hits.

When dealing with large waves of foes and heavy structures, his Shrapnel spreads damage and slows enemy movement in a wide area. He is renowned for his ultimate attack, Assassinating victims from astounding distances, using a specialized and costly ammunition round. If you find yourself in Sniper's crosshairs, say your prayers...and run!

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Str: 20 + 1.20
Agi: 22 + 2.80
Int: 15 + 1.80

Anti-Mage's passive Mana Break allows him to deal extra damage and deplete a spellcaster's supply of mana. As he grows into his powers, his Spell Shield makes him more resilient against magical attacks. Meanwhile, Blink gives him the ability to teleport across short distances for superb maneuverability.

Seeking out weary casters, he uses Mana Void to inflict immense damage on those who are low on mana. Although Anti-Mage is disadvantaged against casters in the early game, his powers grow quickly, and there is no one better suited for destroying the greatest spellcasters at what ought to be their moment of triumph.

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Str: 21 + 1.70
Agi: 22 + 2.00
Int: 19 + 1.80

Razor is a hero with a wide variety of lightning-based attacks. Although somewhat fragile at the start of the battle, he can nonetheless be used effectively to push lanes and can be vitally important in team fights. His Static Link completes the circuit between himself and an enemy, stealing damage from the target and adding it to his own. His passive Unstable Current increases movement speed and deflects damage back at attackers.

His ultimate weapon, Eye of the Storm, calls down the power of the storm upon his enemies, creating an area of effect in which lighting strikes randomly down on the heads of his foes. Razor's most eye-catching ability though is also usually the first one he earns: Plasma Field. A great tool for intimidation and controlling the lanes, this ability expels a powerful ring of excited plasma that expands to envelope all units around Razor, dealing damage to enemy creeps and heroes alike.

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Shadow Fiend

Str: 15 + 2.00
Agi: 18 + 2.00
Int: 20 + 2.40

Shadow Fiend's only defense lies in his superb offense. After every life he takes, he traps their soul to empower his attack damage with Necromastery. This allows him to amass high attack damage. His ultimate, Requiem of Souls, can summon these souls to inflict great damage on those enemies foolish enough to venture within reach.

His unique Shadowraze allows him to blast opponents in small areas, at three separate distances. Another ability, Presence of the Dark Lord, makes enemies more vulnerable to physical damage, passively reducing their armor. Deadly from a number of distances, but vulnerable if caught off guard, Shadow Fiend's positioning in battle is of utmost importance.

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Faceless Void

Str: 23 + 1.60
Agi: 21 + 2.65
Int: 15 + 1.50

Faceless Void is a master of time and space, often bending it to his will. He can Time Walk short distances, effectively jumping forward to a new location while slowing the movement speed of enemies near his destination point. This allows him to both surprise attack more effectively and escape situations where other heroes would be doomed. He is also able to passively revert quickly to a past moment to avoid damage, and to stun enemies by locking time on them so he can bash them without missing a beat. For his ultimate weapon, Faceless Void can create a Chronosphere in space time that halts all units inside it, except for himself. This can sometimes trap allied heroes as well, but deals no damage. Once his enemies are immobilized, he can then wreak havoc as he pleases. While he is initially weak, you should never underestimate a hero with great damage potential that also has the ability to stop time. Never.

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Str: 17 + 1.90
Agi: 21 + 2.50
Int: 15 + 1.80

Viper specializes in pinning down single targets from a distance, while dealing moderate damage. His Poison Attack allows him to consistently slow his enemies, reducing their effectiveness in battle. When needed, he can also fire a heavily concentrated Viper Strike toxin that can nearly stop enemies in their tracks. This allows him to be more aggressive as he can go in and keep targets from escaping. Viper Strike deals heavy damage over time and often leads to death if used on a victim with low health. So that he might better lead the charge, he's also developed a Corrosive Skin that offers resistances, returns minor poison, and slows his attackers. While most of Viper's damage is dealt over time with poisons, he has a passive Nethertoxin which allows him to deal additional damage to weaker units.

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Str: 19 + 2.00
Agi: 19 + 3.00
Int: 17 + 1.50

Morphling is a dynamic, protean hero, capable of giving or taking massive amounts of damage, at the player's discretion. Waveform allows him to escape or initiate fights with ease, while Adaptive Strike gives him a versatile nuke or stun. Replicate allows him to make a copy of a hero, and to take the place of the copy in an instant. Morphling's greatest strength, however, is his ability to swap his points between strength and agility, letting him change from tank to damage dealer and back again, as the tides of battle shift. Morphling is a dangerously mobile enemy, who must be treated with caution before he takes you by surprise!

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