Divina Classes

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The Warrior uses a sword and has relatively high HP and physical Defense. Warriors can rapidly draw retliatory attacks from monsters to protect their teammates. In team assault quests, Warriors are the best guardians amongst all other classes.

Specializing in: Escort and Destruction

Mechanical Soldier

The Mechanical Soldier uses highly powerful artillery as weapons, and he possesses the most powwerful long range physical damage. The mechanical soldier can also deploy landmines and traps at any time to control situations or launch offensives. During combat, the Soldier primarily focuses on providing strong firepower and laying traps, which can cause additional damage to opponents.

Specializing in: Artillery and Mechanics


The Mage uses a grimoire as a weapon and is capable of working highly destructive magic to wage diverse large-scale offensives against opponents. The Mage's team role is to weaken an opponent to help control situations.

Specializing in: Destruction and Mystery.


The Priest holds a magic wand that can summon intangible energy and has extremely high healing power. He is capable of putting dark curses on opponents as a support attack during combat. The Priest is the best h ealer on a team.

Specializing in: Light and Dark


The Ninja uses both hands to wield double blades and has outstanding agility, attack speed and diverse endurance skills. The Ninja can cause damage to opponents in multiple ways, and can destroy opponents with the advantage of high attack speed during team assaults.

Specializing in: Assassination and Endurance

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