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  • Deadwalk: The Last War! Game Info
    Characteristic Heros:100+ GODS and HEROES ranging from Zeus to Hades will be revived to assist you and help you prevail in this Zombie World War! You could get more Heros from Clone Lab!
  • Deadwalk: The Last War! Introduction
    This is Deadwalk: The Last War! Battle against zombies to survive, or be torn apart by the walking dead. Harness the powers of Ancient Gods and SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE!
  • Deadwalk:The Last War Launching Globally
    Deadwalk:The Last War succeeded getting App Store and Google Play's Global Feature! No doubt that this is an amazing game which is attracting global attention!
  • Deadwalk:The Last War Cheats, Tips and Guide
    Deadwalk:The last war has been realeased in 11th this month! Zombies evolved to various stages will constantly appear to lessen your chances of survival. How to avoid these zombies? Here are some good cheats, tips and guide for you to survive in this strategy mobile game.