Renaissance Heroes Character Introduction

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Renaissance Heroes takes place in an alternative history in which famed inventor Leonardo da Vinci has created a machine that could change the world. In the wake of his death, the plans for the mysterious invention have been scattered, and warring factions vie to claim them.

The Renaissance Heroes Beta will feature two new characters, Bart and Medici! One of the new features of our Beta is the introduction of unlockable character slots. When you begin playing Renaissance Heroes, you must choose your initial character to begin gameplay. Choose wisely, you will not be able to switch to another character until you unlock an additional character slot. You may unlock a total of three characters during Beta, with more slots available in our live launch in the Spring of 2013. To assist you with your choice, we have highlighted the characters and their inherent bonuses and specialties.

Initial Character - Chosen at Beginning of Gameplay
Second Character - Unlocked at Level 7
Third Character - Unlocked at Level 16

Rossi | Aisha | Barossa | Jaque | Medici | Bart

Rossi Introdution

Rossi Background:
Rossi grew up in a poor merchant family in Milano. When Leonardo da Vinci worked in Milano, Rossi was enlisted to be his servant. Leonardo saw potential in the boy and would teach him about science and logic. During his years with Leonardo da Vinci, Rossi learned a great many things and began to see the world in a new way. Leonardo eventually returned to Firenze, but he left behind an inspired boy who dreamed about a new world being ushered in by the science and inventions of the near future.

As the years passed, Rossi continued his dream and hoped to hear from his old master.

Rossi finally received a message from Leonardo with instructions to meet him in France. However, when Rossi arrived as he had been instructed, he discovered that his teacher was already dead. A disappointed Rossi returned home to a letter that Leonardo had sent before he died. The letter encouraged Rossi to pursue his desires and included a part of the blueprint for the "Da Vinci Machine."

Reinvigorated, Rossi is now on a quest to find the rest of blueprint in order to realize his teacher's dream.

Character Bonus:
- Increased Rifle Damage Bonus
- Increased Max Ammo

Rossi's Identity
- Da Vinci's Apprentice
- Rifle Ace

Character trailer:

Aisha Introdution

Aisha Background:
Aisha's beauty has been her claim-to-fame since she was young. This notoriety intrigued the Sultan and he requested that she come to live with him in the palace.While she lived in the palace, Aisha was cherished and adored by the Sultan, but her life of luxury did not last forever. In 1511, Aisha made a nearly fatal mistake that resulted in her expulsion from the palace and imprisonment.

The Sultan's initial response was to have Aisha executed, but her beauty tempered his anger. Rather than have her die at his hand, he sentenced her to be assigned to a death squad.There, she would be trained by ruthless men to become an assassin. If she survived the training, that is. Aisha managed to complete her training by harnessing her fear of death and her relentless desire to complete her missions.

Once her training was complete, Aisha decided to use her skills as a dancer to offer her protection and ease of travel throughout the empire. Her travels resulted in finding employment with the western Republican power. It was they who assigned Aisha to assassinate the core members of the royal family and the church. She tracked her targets throughout the western regions of the empire and eventually eliminated them. However, her travels put her in contact with many scientists, artists, merchants, other explorers of free thought. Socializing with such strong minded and influential people had a profound influence on Aisha. She found herself emerging from the shadow of fear that had dominated her for so many years. She longed for a new life; one where she was not the tool of death for others.

Aisha's dream could only be supressed for a short while. While on a mission to retrieve a piece of the blueprint for Leonardo da Vinci's "Machine", Aisha recognized the importance of the device to both the Turkish empire, and to her own ambitions. Rather than return as she was instructed, she disobeyed her orders and kept the blueprint for herself. Aisha has now begun her new life. She is no longer the weapon of power hungry men. She has turned her sights to more self-serving means and is searching for the remaining pieces of Da Vinci's blueprint.

Character Bonus:
- Increased Crossbow Attack Damage
- Increased Max HP

Aisha's Identity
- Dancer & Assassin
- Crossbow Huntress

Character trailer:

Barossa Introdution

Barossa Background:
Barossa comes from a Tunisian merchant family that had a business running trade ships. In his late teens, Barossa and his two brothers were attacked while sailing one of their trade routes. The unprovoked attack came at the hands of a navy ship belonging to Knights Hospitaller. All three brothers were captured and taken as prisoners.
The three brothers were accused and convicted of fabricated offenses against the Catholic church. The subsequent torture they endured left them with scarred bodies and disfigured, unrecognizable faces. If that weren’t enough, the brothers were then split up and sold as rowing slaves to the merchant marines.

Barossa lived as a slave for years until, one day, he managed to make a dramatic escape while his ship sank during an attempt to sail through a violent storm. Barossa strongly believe that his escape was an answer to his unwavering faith and prayers. Once he returned to his home, he made a vow: to find his lost brothers and reunite his family.
To complete his plan, he disbanded the crews of his family’s trading ships and re-organized them into a pirate crew. He then carved messages of faith all over his body and bound his face in an iron mask. Barossa’s final step was to capture a battle ship and a merchant vessel. With his ships and crews assembled, Barossa set out to find his brothers.

Years of piracy brought Barossa infamy and he was feared throughout the Mediterranean. It did not, however, bring him any closer to discovering the whereabouts of his siblings. Weary from his lack of success, Barossa decided to anchor his ship in a harbor for a much-needed rest.
The relaxation was short-lived as he happened to overhear a story about blueprints to a Da Vinci Machine. Thoughts of the power of this Machine renewed Barossa’s hope in finding his long lost brothers and he has returned to his journey.

Character Bonus:
- Increased Special Weapon Attack Damage
- Increased Headshot Defense

Rossi's Identity
- Former Pirate
- Cannon Master

Character trailer:

Jaque Introdution

Jaque background:
Jaque was born into French royalty. In 1147, he participated in the Second Crusades as a member of the Knights Hospitaller. As a result of his exceptional service, he was granted territory in Sicily, and used it to amass a large fortune through transit trade.
Although he was wealthy, Jaque never let go of his faith. He prayed daily and vowed to continue the Lord's work for eternity. He was morally wounded in the Battle of Montgisard in 1177. Jaque's body, clad in knight armor, was laid to rest in a quiet area of his land in Sicily.
In 1510, Jaque was returned to the world by the monk, Bart. His body was gone, replaced by Bart's poorly constructed robot figure made of armor, wood and rope. Bart approached the resurrected crusader and muttered, "Servant of God, it is time to keep your vow." Bart used Jaque to carry out his plans of purging the world of sin. All Jaque wanted to do was return to the warmth and love that he felt in death.
While in the study room of a merchant he had just killed, Jaque discovered information about the existence of the "Da Vinci Machine," and realized the blueprints he had been gathering had been for this Machine. Jaque's mind was immediately flooded with thoughts of how he could use the power of this machine to free himself from Bart and return to his peaceful slumber.

Character Bonus:
- Increased Defense
- Increased Max Armor

Rossi's Identity
- Crusader Returned From The Grave
- Melee Warrior

Character trailer:

Medici Introdution

Medici background:

Filipo de Medici had been born into a powerful family, but even within such a family there are powerless members. He knew his cousins, his aunts, his uncles. They all spoke pretty words to his face, but behind his back he knew they ridiculed him if they thought of him at all. One day, he would rule the family. He would be one of the powerful scions, with those same aunts and uncles and cousins lying at his feet. He took the money his father left him and invested. Over time, he had more than tripled the family's wealth.

In 1512 he found favor with Giovanni di Lorenzo de Medici, by far the most powerful member of the family thanks to his position as pope. Pope Leo X, as he was known, ruled the Vatican and much of the rest of the world, for that matter. Filipo’s clever eye and shrewd investing had caught the man's attention. Pope Leo made Filipo the leader of the church protectors with a mission to destroy the "New Republic" and all its members.

The more Filipo learned of the New Republic and their science, the more concerned he became. The Church needed a weapon of equal weight to combat the New Republic and thoroughly crush it. Thus did the Church begin to accept and sanction specific alchemists, all upon Filipo de Medici’s suggestion.

By the year 1515 Filipo had more than proven his worth. He had routed significant threats to the Church, leaving it free to expand its power unimpeded. It was that year, in the course of his work, that Filipo first heard of the Da Vinci Machine.

Once he understood the potential of such a thing, he immediately re-evaluated his own goals and realized they were child’s play in comparison to this. Certainly, he could become powerful within the Medici family and the Church, but with the ability to traverse space and time in any way he pleased he could rule the world.

Character Bonus:
- All Weapon Firing Rate Bonus
- Increased Starting Ammo

Medici's Identity
- Marksmanship Expert

Character details:

Bart Introdution

Bart background:

Bart never knew his parents. The world began for him in a monastery in a mountain village in Toscana. He had been abandoned, as far too many children are, and taken in by the monks. The first words he heard were prayers.

The more Filipo learned of the New Republic and their science, the more concerned he became. The Church needed a weapon of equal weight to combat the New Republic and thoroughly crush it. Thus did the Church begin to accept and sanction specific alchemists, all upon Filipo de Medici’s suggestion.

It was no surprise when he became a monk. It consumed him--serving God on earth and fighting against all blasphemies. All of the monks of the St. Gregory monastery were committed to the battle, but he above all. Every choice he made was in pursuit of that goal. H e prayed, he labored long hours in service, he self flagellated to cleanse himself of sins, and he spent a great deal of time thinking upon his mission. He forsook all other things, becoming the most extreme of the ascetics in the monastery.

He set out to see the world in his twentieth year and found himself in Rhodes, fighting side by side with the Hospitallers against the Ottoman heathens laying siege to their city. It was a horror. The world was dirty and disgusting, rife with sin, rife with blasphemy. Bart took comfort in the thought of his brother monks in the monastery. They understood. They were dedicated to the same battle as he.

He returned to the mountains of Toscana in the year 1510, and found only death and destruction. The monastery was in ruins. In his absence, the Vatican had changed its doctrine. Instead of preserving divinity within the world, the Vatican was focused on colonizing the New World. When the monks of St. Gregory’s spoke against these changes, the Vatican simply excommunicated them. The monks committed suicide. That’s when the fury began to build in Bart. He would set the world right. He would avenge his fallen brothers and continue their mission. He would challenge the Vatican itself.

Bart fasted and prayed for guidance. How long he prayed in the ruined monastery, he didn't know. Weeks. When he came out of holy trance, his body was emaciated, but his eyes were clear and his vision sound. He knew what he needed to do. He traveled to the fields of Sicily and there used a forbidden rite to raise the spirit of a long dead crusader. That spirit, Jaque, was bound to do what Bart willed. And Bart willed the deaths of blasphemers. Artists, philosophers, scientists, politicians, merchants... Anyone who challenged God’s rule must die.

The discovery of the da Vinci Machine changed everything. Instead of a slow battle of attrition, Bart could travel back to a holier time. He could warn them. He would make sure the Church stayed true.

Character Bonus:
- Melee Attack Damage Bonus
- Increased Rifle Critical Ratio

Medici's Identity
- Holy Guardian

Character details:

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