DarkEden Features

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1.Unique Subject And Genre
Unlike other MMORPG`s, this game takes place in a near-future environment with vampires as its unique subject.
A modern horror fantasy environment has been constructed with a mix of classic Asian fantasy, medieval fantasy, and sci-fi.

2.Racial Conflicts Based On Powerful Plot
You can freely choose one of the two contesting races-vampires, the Slayers.
Minor territorial conflicts naturally cause small battles between the races.
In the Sacred Ground of Adam, large-scale warfare between the races and siege between guilds take place, with integral elements of strategy.

3.Distinguished Racial Features
Two systems coexist in Dark Eden by race. Vampires use the level system and the Slayers the skill system.
Each race shows its distinct features in its growth system, items, skills, and classes.
There are various vehicles or magic to take you across the vast map such as motorcycle, helicopter, bat, warp tunnel, sylph, jam, Horn of the Earth Elemental.
Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses.

New race: Ousters

Ousters, the 3rd race of Darkeden, is half human and half vampire with using magic listed below.

Fire, the soul magic to summon a soul of the fire class, and most of them are the attack magic. The more you practice the soul magic of the fire class, the stronger the magic is.

Water, the soul magic to summon a soul of the water class to perform an assistant magic including the one for the healing or for the defense. The more you practice the soul magic of the water class, the mightier the power is.

Earth, the soul magic to summon a soul of the earth class to perform a defensive magic including the one for the defense or for the remote area attack.The more you practice the soul magic of the earth class, the more effective the magic is.

Wind, the soul magic to summon a soul of the wind class to perform a special function. This magic can be learned and performed in the combat class.
4.Time Influence
The night and day cycle not only affects the vision of the characters or the change in the environments, but has different effects on different races. While vampires are more powerful at night, the Slayers become relatively more powerful during the day.

5.Rank System
A rank system has been separately implemented from the level system.
For every rank you achieve, you can selectively learn rank skills.

6.Diverse Skills
Vampires can use about 40 different skills and magic.
Slayers can use about 100 skills and magic.
In addition to this, there are approximately 30 different passive skills according to the rank of the character.

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